Looking forward: Khans of Tarkir

So far, we’re more than a third into the spoiling of the set, and there’s yet to be a “wow, this’ll see play in Legacy!”-card revealed yet. I’m not hoping for anything, but anything shaking up the metagame would be very nice. The reprint of the Onslaught fetchlands is a very, very nice surprise for everyone interested in the format, since getting into it will be somewhat cheaper for the foreseeable future. I will stick to my old Onslaught ones, the art on the new Flooded Strand is awful (but the Wooded Foothills and Bloodstained Mire are both very nice, and much better than their Onslaught counterparts), and the flavour texts on all the cards in the cycle are quite embarrassing.


From an EDH perspective, however, the card seems very promising so far. The wedge colours will bring a lot more generals into the format in those colours, I myself have been longing for a proper build-around general in BUG that’s not graveyard-centric. Sidsi, Brood Tyrant is not quite living up to that, but there are a lot more cards to be revealed. I have played The Mimeoplasm in the past, and I’ve also played quite a bit of Vorosh, but the former was easy to disrupt due to its graveyard- and combo-based nature, and the latter won through taking an arbitrary amount of turns and swinging with a 24/24 general on all the opponents. It’s a very effective strategy, but a bit too much on the masturbatory side for my taste. I’m right now working on Damia, Sage of Stone, and I’ll probably write a bit about it here as soon as I’ve gotten a few more games under my belt, so one could say I’m finishing up the BUG generals just in time for new ones to get released.

WUR also gets some love so far with Narset, Enlightened Master, a brand new general with an ability to do some broken things in the format. However, with a 3/2 body, no natural evasion and a converted mana cost of six is a bit to work around. WUR lacks natural ramp, meaning it’s unlikely that Narset will get cast more than once or maybe twice in a game. Built-in Hexproof and First Strike are both good for protection, however. Her ability triggers on attacking, but ideally, one would like to trigger her more than once (if you know what I mean…)

Abzan isn’t very exciting yet, Duneblast is a pretty stupid new Wrath effect for the Junk decks, and while their khan is cheap for a 4/4 body, she lacks impactful abilities and doesn’t really affect the board immediately.

Mardu, so far, has gotten all sorts of toys for EDH. Crackling Doom, and Instant for RWB, deals two damage to each opponent (not howlofthehordethat relevant), but also forces them to sacrifice the creature with the highest power among creatures they control. In multiplayer games, this card looks great, albeit a bit difficult to cast in the early turns of the game. Further, Mardu gets Howl of the Horde, Fork-on-steroids, which can surely do some stupid things. I’m most excited about Mock Instigator, a Morph goblin who steals a creature for the turn. It can only steal things in your own turn, meaning no combat shenanigans on your opponents’ turns, but I’ll add it to Brion Stoutarm all day, every day.

Temur gets a Timmy-spell in See the Unwritten, a six-mana Summoning Trap that looks at a card more, and if you’re controlling a creature with power 4 or greater, you get to put two creatures into play instead of one. Ferocious seems like the shortest straw out of the five so far, at least in EDH. Keeping creatures on the board is never an easy thing to do, meaning you’ll have to sneak them in at the end of someone’s turn, or have enough mana to cast a fatty and then cast a Ferocious spell in the same turn.

en_pq0ern9aj7Finally, the wedge tri-lands is a welcome addition to any budget player in the format, and the artwork for all of them are sweet!


Overall, I’m pretty pumped for Khans of Tarkir. The fetchland reprints are probably the single biggest reason these boxes will move, but overall, the set looks exciting so far. Here’s just hoping for some more EDH generals, and I’m more than happy.

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