The Khans of Khans

A few days ago, the entire Khans of Tarkir set was spoiled, along with the final khan. In its entirety, Khans of Tarkir includes five legendary creatures, and they are all khans of their respective clans. All things considered, the “wedges” are in dire need of some more legendary creatures for EDH, but so far Khans of Tarkir hasn’t yet delivered. I discussed some of the khans in my previous post dealing with Khans of Tarkir, but I’d like to discuss the last two.

My opinion on the other khans have yet to be changed. Sidsi is interesting, but we already have a graveyard-based build-around general in The Mimeoplasm, and making a bunch of 2/2 derps seems underwhelming in the format. She’s aggressively costed at 1BGU but that’s about it. Anafenza is in much the same camp, a 4/4 body for WBG is nothing to laugh at, but her less-than relevant abilities will probably keep her from being playable. On paper, I’d rather play Doran as my Junk-general, since he’s effectively bigger than Anafenza for the initial cost, while messing with the opponents’ creatures’ offensive prowess. Speaking of prowess, the Jeskai khan, Narset, has some things going for her, namely a completely broken ability when attacking, and Hexproof coupled with First Strike for protection. That said, she’s also only a 3/2 at a whopping 3URW, and in colours with little natural ramp. She likely won’t come down more than once or twice in a normal EDH game, limiting her effectiveness. My friend has the first draft of a deck centered around her, which will be interesting to see, though I’m unconvinced.

The two khans I didn’t talk about last time belong to Mardu and Temur respectively. Zurgo Helmsmasher is an offensive zurgohelmsmasher.fullpowerhouse, with a 7/2 indestructible body at a reasonable 2RWB. He’s only indestructible on your own turns, however, meaning he’ll be easy enough to deal with any time else. He also really likes attacking, which is fine, I guess, but still forces your hand, something I’m never too keen with in EDH. He is a quick clock in himself, however, killing an opponent in only three swings. I can imagine a deck with him and a bunch of Wrath effects, effectively killing everything but himself. There are also a number of other creatures that are indestructible in the relevant colours, or at least capable of becoming indestructible – notable examples include Avacyn, Angel of Hope; Deathless Angel; Konda, Lord of Eiganjo; Falkenrath Aristocrat; the relevant Theros block Gods; the on-colour Myojins and so on. Overall, I expect no acts of greatness from Zurgo – he does very little without plenty of support from the deck, and he does nothing for his team. A typical striker, so to speak.

Lastly, we have Surrak Dragonclaw, the Temur khan. He, like Zurgo, has a decent cost for surrakdragonclaw.full2GUR, and he’s a bulky 6/6. He has Flash naturally, which is very nice, and he can’t be countered. He’s more of a team player than Zurgo, but the only real immediate impact of the board he has is that he grants the team trample. The colour combination isn’t really hurting for more generals any more than any of the other wedges, in fact, RUG has some cool build-arounds: Riku of Two Reflections could promote a spell-based combo strategy, Animar, Soul of Elements could support a creature-based strategy – again leaning towards the combo side. Intet, the Dreamer is a general who is in the perfect colours for a Time Walking strategy, just imagine Scroll Racking a Time Stretch and then casting it for 2U. Lastly, Maelstrom Wanderer is… well Maelstrom Wanderer. Surrak is probably the most vanillia of all available generals to the colours, but maybe that’s not a bad thing. He’s a decent option for those who want to play the RUG colours without building around their general and without attracting a lot of hate. He does promote a creature-based strategy, but that’s about it.

So am I completely satisfied with these as our new wedge generals? Far from it. I’m not entirely dissatisfied either, but there’s certainly room for improvement. A typical “good” EDH general has, in my opinion, at least a few of these qualities:

– A total casting cost of 3-5 mana.

– A relevant Enters the Battlefield trigger.

– High strength, able to do 3-turn kills unassisted (power 7 or greater)

– Some sort of built-in protection.

– A fun “build-around-me” theme.


I’m excited for other BUG-coloured generals not dealing with the graveyard. I guess I’ll have to wait until at least Fate Reward, the second expansion in the Khans of Tarkir block, although rumour has it the block will not deal with wedges all the way through.

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