Legacy of Khans

Speaking from an EDH perspective, as before, there are quite a few cards I’m excited about in Khans of Tarkir. Sultai Charm will digthroughtime.fullsurely replace Putrefy in all my BUG-coloured decks, and I’ll make room for a Villainous Wealth right now as the reversed Genesis Wave Gotham deserves. The new Sarkhan is easily the most powerful Sarkhan printed so far, though maybe not in EDH but in other constructed formats. In Legacy, we have Dig Through Time as a new Ancestral Memories for a fraction of the cost. Some are bemoaning the fact that it doesn’t dump the unwanted cards in the graveyard, like Ancestral Memories indeed does, but that would obviously make it much too powerful. Even while it’s depositing the cards on the bottom of the library rather than the graveyard, I’m quite sure it’ll see play in mostly combo decks, even in Legacy.

treasurecruise.fullThe card I’m most excited about, however, is not these bomby rares or charms or anything – it’s one of the humble commons, namely Treasure Cruise. Drawing three cards for, optimally, a single blue mana, is something that has historically been associated with absolute brokeness, or something with a huge draw-back stapled onto it, like additional costs of tapping four creatures or waiting four turns. Treasure Cruise wants neither of this, it wants your graveyard. Some decks, like RUG Delver, might value their threats in Nimble Mongoose higher than Treasure Cruise, while others might cut pieces that would otherwise utilize the graveyard, in order to fit this beauty in. Snapcaster Mage will have to go from my DeathBlade list, I was never really happy with him anyway, for a pair of these. Only time will tell if someone finds a list that can play more than a couple of these, although Carsten Kotter wrote an article recently, on StarCityGames.com, detailing a few various Delver of Secrets lists using the card. I’m especially excited about the “Sultai Delver” list, although I’d never call it that. It’s either BUG Delver (though that’s also a crappy name) or Team America. For life.

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