New contributor and new looks!


One of psykopatmullvad’s favourite creatures.

Since yesterday, GoyfWars now has the first official contributor to the blog other than myself. Psykopatmullvad (lit. psychotic mole) is an old friend of mine, and we’ve been playing Magic together for about ten years or so. He’ll be contributing MTGO videos to the blog occasionally, breaking up the text-heavy posts of mine. I’m personally looking forward to his contributions. A short presentation of the new contributor can be found under “About the authors” above.

UPDATE: Also, with the new contributor, I’ve changed the theme of the site compeltely. The nifty thing about this theme is that it displays the author of each post, meaning visitors can now click the author and find all posts by said author immediately. Also, I’ve added a classic Legacy scene as the new header, two Tarmogoyfs stuck bro-fisting each other forever.

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