Khans follow-up

The first StarCityGames Open with Khans of Tarkir legal was played yesterday, and as is evident from the Top 8 – Treasure Cruise treasurecruise.fullhas had at least some appearance in the tournament, with six copies in the T8, along with a singleton Dig Through Time in another BUG Delver deck.

Apparently, the numbers are still a bit up for debate – the UR Delver deck played the full set, as did Karsten Cotter in his builds of BUG Delver in his article, though those lists are obviously not proven. The BUG Delver list from the SCG T8 that did play them played only two. I’d say the middle ground, three-of Treasure Cruise, is the way to go, and Stuart and Stuart of Legacy Breakfast argues the same thing in their Khans of Tarkir set review.

Obviously we’ve yet to see the last from Treasure Cruise in Legacy, I think we’ll see an even greater format penetration of it in the coming weeks. On the flip side is the new SCG policy of naming BUG Delver “Sultai Delver”. Can we all just agree to stop doing that? BUG Delver is a bad name, but Sultai Delver is even worse.

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