The Art and the Mistakes 1: Reprinting Goblin Sharpshooter

I like goblins, perhaps a little too much to be good for me. And one of my favourite goblins is the Goblin Sharpshooter. So when I heard its gonna get a reprint I was happy! But when I saw the new picture, I was almost crying. It is NOT what it needs to be.

Here is the old picture in all its awesome glory:

Image (1)

Look at this guy! He sits there, old, grumpy and thinking “all was better before”. All the while spinning the levers laying waste to all the one-toughness guys. He dosent even seem to care. Hes been sitting there for so long hes stuck. Its all he can do. Its all he wants to do. And with the endless supply of ammo he has, hes gonna be there for a while more. The entire flavor of it is just spot on. It gets the comedy through without going over the top.

Here is the reprint:


Now, I totally understand what they were aiming for. The comedy. But frankly, to me, they overdid it. Over-overdid it. The new comedy on this card is just too childish for me. I like my humor black and raw. How is this considerd sharpshooting by the way? Hes sneaking up to the guys with basicly a hammer snapped to a gun. That is nothing like the original! They have changed too much, it feels like the basics of the card has changed. Once the hammer falls, all enemies around him will notice and just take him down. Nothing like the old cards where it looked like he could shoot forever.

What is your opinion, was the new art better? Does the comedy get to you?

Over and Out


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