EDH nights with Damia, part 2

Damia banner

On friday, after we finished playing the KTK draft, and nobody was too tired to go home yet, we decided to play some EDH games. As there were seven of us, and all but two wanted to play 2HG, we decided to split into one pod of 2HG and one pod of a three-man free-for-all. I rolled the dice of destiny, and ended up playing in the free-for-all pod.

extraplanarlens.hqI was up against King Macar, the Gold-Cursed (mono-black control) and Narset, Enlightened Master (control-combo). I mana-stalled early on for double-black with both Damnation and Diabolic Tutor on hand, feeling pretty miserable, and King Macar did most of the early beats. King Macar was also the one who solved my mana issues, by casting an Extraplanar Lens and exiling a Swamp, making my Swamps to tap for double-black too. Narset started getting into the game, however, and cast a Karn Liberated that started ticking up, getting mostly bad stuff from our hands. I managed to deal with Karn Liberated through a tutored Bramble Crush, and after dealing with a few more threats I was left with an empty hand against a pretty stalled boardstate. I drew a Mystical Tutor, and tutored for Blue Sun’s Zenith, drawing me ten cards.

Meanwhile, King Macar was reanimating his creatures with Volrath’s Stronghold, which eventually was dealt with through Narset’s Strip Mine. I destroyed the Extraplanar Lens with Acidic Slime and the turn after that I made my move.

desertedtemple.hqOver the course of three extra turns, I used Time Stretch, Archaeomancer, Phyrexian Metamorph to not only cast Damia, Sage of Stone who drew me like ten cards, I also cast Villainous Wealth for X = 25 on Narset’s deck, netting me some mana rocks, some removal and another Phyrexian Metamorph. Narset scooped, removing my extra permanents, but I was way ahead on the board. I swung with Damia to put King Macar within lethal, and finally I Stip Mine’d his Deserted Temple, since “it looked funny.”

Turns out, I would’ve lost to King Macar on the following turn if I hadn’t Strip Mine’d the Deserted Temple, since he was sandbagging both Exsanguinate and Cabal Coffers, and had easily enough swamps to finish me off. Some times you have to get lucky.

The game left a bitter taste in my mouth, however. Time Warp is a real bogeyman in the format, it’s a very effective way of winning the game, and even if I don’t play its big brother, Time Stretch, nor any of the variants printed, even a single copy in the deck means I often have enough resources towards the end of the game to “go off”. It’s effective, but it’s boring, especially for the rest of the table, since they don’t want to see me sitting around and take three or four turns in a row. So I’m going to cut it from the deck, but I’m not sure what to replace it with. Probably some other stable, but faster, win-condition.

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  1. Grim Lavamancer

     /  October 7, 2014

    It wasn’t so much that I wanted to play 2 headed giant, I just wanted to sit in the comfy chair. Your game sounds like fun though, all the businesses with the time travelling aside. Back at our table I (Surrak Dragonclaw) was paired with Marath, Will of the Wild against Grimgrin, Corpse-Born and Shattergang Brothers in the ultimate Aggro versus Control slog-fest. The few creatures we had that wasn’t countered, buried or exiled had a hard time fighting for supremacy. Fortunatley we managed to tear their two-headed faces of both times, thanks to Price of Progress in the first game and the combined boosts of Avatar of Slaughter and Xenagos, God of Revels. But they were both very tight wins.

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    • Man, I so wanted to be there for Xenagos + Avatar of Slaughter. It’s a shame the commute home is so long.

      Not only did I cut Time Warp from the deck, I dismantled it completely! I’ll bring something brand new next time, even if I’m missing like fifteen cards or so.


      • Grim Lavamancer

         /  October 7, 2014

        Oh? New general as well?

        The second match was actually (despite it’s slowness) quite interesting. During the first 20 or so rounds it looked like it was going to be a complete curb stomp battle with us fielding multiple strong threats and smashing them down to single digit health points.

        That’s when the game was brought to a grinding halt with their removals becoming more numerous than our creatures. It all started to look really bleak when they began to regain life with cards such as Wurmcoil Engine, Kokusho, the Evening Star, and worst of all – Thragtusk imprinted on Mimic Vat. We were really brought on the defensive when Grimgrin’s player managed to draw an insane amount of cards with Stroke of Genius and their nefarious creatures began to whittle down our life to close to nothing.

        Xenagos the Reveler and his pal Marath, Will of the Wild managed to regain us some lost momentum but an Oblivion Stone together with their commander put us again in the loosing corner. An overloaded Cyclonic Rift bought us another turn but it was clear that we weren’t going to make it. At this time, during our twilight, we had managed to inflict a few commander damage with Marath but our opponents had blockers a plenty and wasn’t very scared about what seemed to be our last turn. I had flashed Surrak into the game at the end of their turn, preparing to make our final stand, while Marath was brooding in the command zone, having been whacked by a kill spell the previous turn. That’s when it happened. I drew Avatar of Slaughter which I quickly put unto the battlefield. My ally had since a few turns back kept a Rancor on his hand and now played Marath (which came into the game with 8 +1/+1 counters), enchanted with rancor and boosted by Xenagos and the avatar that made him a 20/18 double striker with trample.

        Double strike and trample. 20/18.

        Hasted by Xenagos this furious beast charged forth, frothing from his mouth and screaming like a moose during breeding season. The various blockers amassed in vain as the Will of the Wild tore them all apart in the first strike phase, winning the game for us by no small margin.

        Honestly, moments like that is why I love the EDH format so much, you never know when something truly awesome is going to happen.

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      • (I can’t reply to your comment for some reason): New general indeed (mono-coloured actually). Maybe I’ll come by and play in a couple of weeks, we’ll see.

        Also, I already said I was sorry, you don’t need to rub it in. 😦


  2. psykopatmullvad

     /  October 7, 2014

    I was going like “Did he really do that?!” in my head when you ruined my Deserted Temple. Play of the Day.

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  1. So long, and thanks for all the BUGs | Goyf Wars

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