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Today is Sunday, so I’m going to ignore the fact that “Legacy” is a more popular tag than “EDH”. 

While dismantling my Damia EDH deck, I was looking for a new project. Something I hadn’t quite done before. I have never built a mono-coloured deck, and I was frankly intrigued by the premise. While I wouldn’t be punished by cards like Blood Moon as harshly as with multi-coloured decks, running mono-coloured seems like a big handicap in the format, one reason is that the multi-coloured decks all have Signets of all the colours of the rainbow to help with their ramp, while mono-coloured decks does not. Another huge reason is that all the colours of Magic have weaknesses that can’t be overcome without adding another colours to the deck. For example, Green has a tough time handling creatures, especially if they are bigger than Green’s own, and Black has almost no ways of removing artifacts or enchantments if they hit the board.

kaho,minamohistorian.hqPlaying around these restrictions seemed like a fun project, which is why I looked through my binders to find a mono-coloured general. I pondered building something mono-blue around Kaho, Minamo Historian, but again – the list of cards I was looking at made the deck feel “solved” like Damia. As I’ve stated before, most of my EDH decks have been part-blue, and I did have most of the cards I wanted for the deck already. This didn’t do, I wanted something to build around, a project. Further, EDH is a format full of creature removal, which is another reason running a 4-mana 2/2 seems less than ideal, especially since she needs to tap in order to activate her ability.

Another general I had had my eyes on is Purphoros, God of the Forge. While he does seem like an extremely powerful general in a vacuum, his deck will probably be very linear – step 1, get Purphoros in play, step 2, cast as many token generating creatures as possible in the deck, step 3, win. That, and many of my good red EDH cards are already in Brion Stoutarm, and I didn’t want to sleeve back and forth. Purphoros is out, but he has some very neat qualities – being indestructible and not really being a creature most of the time specifically.

The mono-coloured gods from Theros seemed interesting to say the least. With Purphoros out, it leaves us the rest of the four. Thassa, God of the Sea was also quickly eliminated since she’s blue, and I didn’t want to make a blue deck, and she mostly impacts creatures I control. Heliod, God of the Sun is fine – but very underwhelming in the format. He does have an impact on the board, granting Vigilance to the entire team, but putting 2/1’s into play in a format full of removal seems less than exciting. Nylea, God of the Hunt is in the same vein as both Thassa and Heliod – she has a bit of impact immediately, like Heliod, and she interacts mostly with my own creatures, like Thassa. Not very tempting. This left one possible candidate:

erebos,godofthedead.hqErebos was everything I wanted in a general. He has some impact when he hits play, my opponent’s can’t gain life any more, and he has a very neat ability which will allow me to draw more cards. He’s also mono-coloured in the colour that most enjoys being mono-coloured – black, and he’s therefore not blue. Perfect! Stay tuned for my Erebos reports, and perhaps a list at a later date. I will probably not just order everything from an online store, although it’d be easy enough, I’d like to take my time and build this deck as I go along.


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  1. Grim Lavamancer

     /  October 20, 2014

    Great article! I’m hoping it will turn out to be a fun deck.

    I’m 100% with you on the “build the deck as you go along” kind of thing. I’ve built a few EDH decks myself, most of them began with me brainstorming a theme, putting a cardlist together and ordering a bunch of cards online, but the deck I’ve had the most fun with (and also the one I play in 9/10 games) I put together with a general that I liked and a few mediocre cards that I had lying around.

    To this day I don’t think I’ve order a single card for it, just replacing one card at a time with cards I’ve got in drafts, traded with friends etc. And it’s really been a blast, seeing the deck grow over time, really taking the time to get to know each card in it turning the ragtag bunch of misfit creatures into a well oiled battle machine… Truly the fun lies in the journey not the end result.

    I’m looking forward to see how the Erebos list turns out. But the general himself is very interesting, and the pay life and mana to draw a card ability is very nice in an old school kind of way.



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