Hidden in plain sight

dimir charm banner

dimircharm.hqA sleeper card that I’ve been working with in Legacy is Dimir Charm. Everybody likes Charms, and Dimir Charm is one of those rare exceptions of a Charm that is in great colours for the format and has three quite relevant modes. Killing most non-Tarmogoyf creatures in the format is perhaps the most flexible of the three, but countering spells like Show and Tell, Burning Wish, Entreat the Angels or Time Spiral is always nice. Lastly, it has for some time been my dream to present lethal on the board, and Dimir Charm my opponent into topdecking a land for the next turn, for a win-more feeling of goodliness.

However, with the advent of Treasure Cruise in the format, Dimir Charm seems to be rising in popularity, and many Team America pilots are trying one or two in the maindeck. I, for one, welcome our new Delve overlords, but can’t wait to counter a Treasure Cruise with Dimir Charm. I was already playing a Disfigure or a Dismember as a fifth removal in Team America, but Dimir Charm is obviously a lot more flexible, if more expensive and harder to cast.

Give it a whirl, it might be just what your deck is looking for!

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  1. Wannabepurgatog

     /  October 21, 2014

    Dimir Charm are in my opinion next after golgari charm the strongest one. Now that the decks are shifting a bit i think it can be really strong. Making opponents fight harder for their cardadvantage is always good. Killing of the small creatures like taylor swiftblade, SFM and young pyromancer will come in handy. The shift in decks like rug delver and ur delver can make dimir charm a contender in the UB decks. Come back with results on the testing 🙂

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