Commander 2014 spoilers are finally here!

command tower banner

After many moons of waiting, we finally have a couple more spoilers from the upcoming Commander 2014 release. These two were revealed over the weekend, and starting today, more spolers will be posted on Daily MTG! The first is a rather uninteresting creature with a pretty interesting ability:


Angelic Field Marshal is a pretty effective beater pound-for-pound, if you have your commander in play. A 5/5 flying, vigilant Angel for only four mana is nothing to scoff at, even in EDH, since it will be a pretty good protector of the Planeswalker commander which will be included in each of these decks. Further, getting Lieutenant going will be easy in all decks that feature commanders that are inherently difficult to destroy, like the Theros gods for example. The preview article¬†specifically states that the cycle is horizontal, suggesting just a single of these cards for each colour, but we’ll see what we get when the set is spoiled.


The other card spoiled this weekend is Feldon of the Third Path, of Feldon’s Cane fame. Feldon is apparently a minot character in the Brother’s War novels, but even though not that much is known about him, what is know is that his wife died a premature death, and Feldon tried to bring her back with the way he excelled in – artifice. I didn’t know that, since I haven’t read the book, and until today I hadn’t read the short story based on Feldon either. The story is called “Loran’s Smile”, and even though the arcana article that’s linked to in the preview article above doesn’t work, I found the story on a weird Russian site here. The story is actually quite good, by Magic story standards. What I like about Feldon above is not only that his card quite perfectly conveys the story that he’s trying to bring someone (a female at least) back from the dead with the art, the flavour and the ability, but I also like how combo-tastic his ability is. His mana-cost is very low for a commander, which is also always nice, and his size is at least big enough to protect him from Pyroclasm and Drown in Sorrow.

What do you think about these spoilers? How excited are you about the new Commander 2014 set? Leave a comment!

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