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Last week, I wrote about a case of suspected cheating at SCG Open Worchester, and recent developments makes me want to do a follow-up for the sake of karma. Last week, in my post “The ugly underbelly“, I wrote about how Trevor Humphries was facing DCI investigations after demonstrating suspect shuffling techniques at the then latest StarCityGames Open in Worchester. He happened to win a lot that weekend as well. It seems that the jury is back in on the case of Humphries, and the verdict is “guilty as all hell”, and a ban of four years from the game. A lot of the details are available in this thread on Reddit. Humphries own words after the verdict was laid down, is revealed on his Facebook. Some of you might notice a couple of flaws in his defense – i.e. trying to berate the people who noticed him cheating (ironically, the people on Reddit have since adopted the name “underground dojo KEYBOARD cagefighters” with a sense of pride), taking on the victim role, and the belittling the entire tournament scene by dismissing it as “just a card game”. The fact that he effectively stole thousands of dollars through cheating doesn’t seem to sink in.

Reports also suggest that Alex Bertoncini also was cheating at SCG Worchester, as well as an earlier PT. This thread on Reddit eventually led to another DCI investigation of Bertoncini and that subsequently led to a three year ban. It’s obviously not just random sloppy play from Bertoncini in this case, since he was caught doing the exact same cheat earlier (i.e. playing Brainstorm as Ancestral Recall). Good riddance, I have to say. Stay away permanently from the game this time.

Several posts on Reddit and Facebook also reports of Jared Boettcher cheating in the same way as Trevor Humphries, and even if Boettcher has come out publicly and quite angrily asked the “witch hunt to stop”, it’s unlikely it will, seeing as how there’s a lot of quite damning video evidence. I watched just a handful of them myself, being but a mere apprentice to the underground dojo KEYBOARD cagefighters, but there’s apparently a lot more out there. According to Boettcher himself, the case was dropped, but I haven’t seen anything that says so other than he himself. The jury is out on this one.

It takes a certain kind of player to cheat repeatedly in the same way, on camera, in front of both live spectators and video coverage. These players do not belong on the competitive Magic scene, I’m afraid, and until the DCI or Wizards have a way of permanently solving the shuffling issue, I believe we need to rely on an alert community to bring these cases to light.

The blessings of Erebos be upon you, underground dojo KEYBOARD cagefighters.

keep calm dojo

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  1. psykopatmullvad

     /  October 30, 2014

    Cheating os a boring thing that dosent make anything better. I can even, personally, think that 3 and 4 years are a little too short. But then again, im not an expert.


    • In Bertoncini’s case, I’d say lifetime ban is called for. He has previously been suspended for the exact same thing after all, came back, and cheated in the same way again.



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