Opening MTG Booster: 10x Born of the Gods

And I am back  again with another pair of videos featuring the opening of Born of the Gods-boosters. Since I have put out some of these videos by now I know there are bound to be some questions, and I think I know the most common ones. I will answer them here before the videos.

Q: Why so much Born of the Gods?

A: I bought an entire display + 12 loose boosters, so I have alot of them. But do not worry. I wont be opening Born of the Gods for the rest of our lives. After them, I have a display of Journey into Nyx, and after that it will be whatever boosters I can get my hands on for reasonable prices.


Q: Why only 5 boosters per video?

A: My Ipad cant hold more than that before it is full. I have way to many Spider-Man comics on it 😉 And I do not own another method of recording at the moment.


Now over to the videos! What sweet foils are we opening this time? Please let me know what you think of the videos and the cards I open!


The first 5:


The second batch of 5:


Do you want to see more Born of the Gods next time, or shall I start ripping into the Journey into Nyx display?

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