Tom Ross goes Bertoncini at GP: NJ

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The Cheatyface banner might be uncalled for in this case, but it is a troubling story nonetheless. It’s all on camera with a direct link here. For those not wanting to watch the video, the scenario is as follows: Tom Ross is playing in the Grand Prix: New Jersey quarterfinals against Lam Phan. Phan, on UR Landstill, has just killed Ross’ last Infect creature, which leaves Ross in an awkward position, with only a Noble Hierarch to bring the beats. Ross takes quite a long turn the following turn, beginning with dropping a fetch land. He then casts Crop Rotation and sacrifices his only non-fetchland land. This prompts a Counterspell from Phan. Ross then uses both of his fetchlands, casts a Treasure Cruise, casts a Gitaxian Probe, looking at his opponent’s hand, takes a few notes, draws a card for the Probe, tanks, and then drops a Pendelhaven.

So what’s wrong with that turn? Ross played two lands – one in the very beginning, and one at the very end. Nobody noticed this, neither Phan, the table spotter or either of the commentators remarked on this, and the game goes on as if no rule was ever broken.

fatigue.hqNow, do I believe that Ross actually cheated on purpose? Not really. This is in the quarterfinals after two days and fifteen rounds of Magic, it’s very likely that fatigue is starting to take its toll on even very good players, like Tom Ross. It’s very unlikely that it will even spark a DCI investigation, it doesn’t look like Ross gained a very large edge because of the cheating – he did in fact lose the game in question despite the cheating.

That said, it’s still cheating, and cheating should never be tolerated, especially not in a Grand Prix quarterfinal. Hopefully, this incident will spark even more vigilance in the community.

As Professor Moody would put it:


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  1. psykopatmullvad

     /  November 20, 2014

    I have to agree, I don’t think he did it knowingly and willingly. Haven’t seen him cheat earlier so I’m going for the Fatigue-explanation me too.


  2. Grim Lavamancer

     /  November 20, 2014

    Professor Moody is fast becoming this blogs mascot for anti-cheating. He should really have an entry on the “About the authors”-page, he contributes with CONSTANT VIGILANCE.

    Also, yeah, I’m pretty sure it was fatigue based.

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