Mana Burn # 4 – Twisted Justice

Mana burn banner

Torment was a long time ago. 12 years ago to be precise. Which means that a lot of us Grim Lavamancers has left our damage dealing days behind us. Some still use their lavamancing to create paperweights, others dig for corpses or gold. Me? I draw comics.

Here is Mana Burn, the native comic of Goyf Wars, brought to you by me – your friendly neighborhood Grim Lavamancer. (Check out #Mana Burn to read the previous ones).

Here’s the fourth strip (wow, has it been a month already?), just click the picture to read the comic in it’s full size glory:

Click to read-4White sure likes things to be neat and orderly. Basically I wanted to establish early on that while he certainly views himself as a good guy White can be just as much as a jerk as the other colours. Did you like this one? Are you hungry for more Mana Burn? Comment below so I know if I should keep make ’em!

Until next week my friends!

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  1. Sweet, as always! Inb4 white pw casts Winter Orb and Icy Manipulator.

    The damn fool.


    • Grim Lavamancer

       /  November 30, 2014

      Thanks! And yes, that’s definitely something he’d do. Along with Moat and Humility, just to be sure someone isn’t having fun.

      Liked by 1 person


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