Modern Masters 2015

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One big piece of news over the weekend is that Magic has its first consecutive World Champion, as Shahar Shenhar of Israel won handily against Patrick Chapin in the finals yesterday. Another big piece of news is the announcement of Modern Masters 2015 edition, set to release this summer.

The only two cards known from the set so far are Emrakul, the Aeons Torn and Etched Champion, and like the previous Modern Masters release, the set is designed to be drafted with a few archetypes included. Aside these two reprints, I think there are a bunch of cards that they need to reprint for the sake of the format, which will likely still be shit after the release.

One thing that comes to mind when I think about Modern is staggeringly expensive commons. Sleight of Hand in its only black-bordered release is around €5, Serum Visions is €5, Gitaxian Probe is €2-3 and so on. Moving away from commons, Remand is €9-10, Fetid Heath and friends are all €10-15 or even more, Damnation is €20 and so on. Damnation wasn’t reprinted in From the Vault: Annihilation either, which was expected by many players, signalling a reprint here. EDH as a format would also benefit greatly from cheaper Damnations and especially cheaper filterlands.

The set is due on May 29th, with a reasonable MSRP of $9.99. Cardboard Crack made fun of the ridiculous MSRP of the previous Modern Masters set and it’s even more relevant this time around.

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Thirty-dollar drafts aside, what cards are you hoping for in Modern Masters 2015? Personally, I just want a decent print run this time around, so the price of some of the staples of the format and the game at large are at least dented, which didn’t happen last time. Leave a comment!

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  1. Grim Lavamancer

     /  December 8, 2014

    A new modern masters will probably be fun. I played a draft for the last ones though and that ended up being a bit disappointing if I recall correctly. We opened up a foil Tarmogoyf which made for a very exciting first price, but that was pretty much it, might have been a bad couple of boosters but it felt rather unexciting. I hope this new set will be a bit more fun.

    And yes, the pricing is somewhat ridiculous.


  2. randomName#359 aka Nargluj

     /  December 10, 2014

    What I’m hoping for is reduced prices more than anything else. It’s too expensive to draft.

    And when I say reduce prices I mean on the old cards. Couldn’t care less of the new ones, unless they get some great new picture like the Swords got last MMA.

    And as you said, the common rarity staples of the format needs a price sink. The new standard didn’t help lower the prices of the pain lands, which was a good alternative building on a budget.



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