Mana Burn #10 – Future Sight

Mana burn banner

You know how, when you’re playing a game of Magic, you play a spell. It might be a burn spell, it might be Incinerate. You should only play two mana for it but for some reason you tap three. One Mana is left in your Mana Pool and you can’t get rid of it. With tears in your eyes you end your turn and await your just punishment. You know what that means right?

Well, nothing. But if you’re a washed out veteran like me, you know that you’ve just got Mana Burned.

This week, we’ve got a very special Mana Burn (the native webcomic of Goys Wars, brought to you by me – your friendly neighborhood Grim Lavamancer) for you. It just so happens to be the longest one yet! What are you waiting for? Click on the image below to read the comic!

Click to read-10As you may have guessed it was actually my intention to publish this one last week. But it was a bit harder to make than I had imagined and time started to run out, so you’re getting it this week instead. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it – it was certainly fun to make. This is what Mana Burn might have looked like if I was trying to tell an actual story, and who knows? If I make ’em long enough we might just see some of this after all.

Until next week my friends!

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  1. Blue ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Grim Lavamancer

       /  January 12, 2015

      Ah, yes. Good ol’ Blue. He is by far the easiest character to write dialogue and jokes for. In contrast, Green is the most difficult character to do anything with at all, since green is the most passive colour out there.



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