BW(r) Warriors in FKK draft – initial thoughts

warrior banner


I drafted my first Fate Reforged-Khans of Tarkir-Khans of Tarkir draft today, and while I did 3-0 for first place, I won’t be writing much about the draft itself. We drafted at the new local store, which was nice, and there were some new faces there that I played against, which was even nicer. My first opponent was very young, probably around 12-13 years old, and had drafted a UR deck with lots of burn but quite few creatures, and I won quite handily 2-0. He wasn’t bitter and told me about his sweet Sliver deck, which, he ensured, could beat any deck of mine. I honestly really wish I shared his unadulterated enthusiasm for the game. Really.

In my second game, I faced off against Mardu, but while I had drafted small and efficient creatures, my opponent had drafted Mardu Banner and Lightning Shrieker. I don’t share the Limited Resources that the banners are that awful, but I probably wouldn’t pick any of them very high, at least not as long as I had an abundance of fivedrops to ramp into, with very few four- or three-drops – not that that is very likely in this format. I won 2-0 off the back of a mana flood on his point.

killshot.fullIn my third game, I won 2-1 against RG and the best card in my deck was Dead Drop, which is so, so good when you’re ahead on the board. The game I lost was the only game I dropped in the draft, and I did so without any Plains. I should’ve really mulliganed, in retrospect.

So, what did I draft? My deck can be seen here on, and as you can tell, it’s not very good. I never expected to 3-0 with that deck, but somehow I did. The idea wasn’t to add red, or even to go BW from the start, but all the good removal kept getting passed, so I folded.

I want to expand upon BW(r) Warriors in Khans limited. I liked drafting that deck in triple-Khans, and it served me well today, even if I didn’t get any of the lords in Khans of Tarkir. I think that the deck might still be viable in Fate-Khans-Khans, and I wanted to look at some of the new additions the archetype.

First and foremost, Sandsteppe Outcast is a pretty neat addition to the archetype. I wouldn’t consider getting the +1/+1 counter unless I had played a turn two Cheif of the Scale prior, and even though the token it creates isn’t a Warrior, I think Sandsteppe Outcast enables the deck to go even wider, alongside Mardu Hordechief and other token generators in the format. Going wide is perhaps more dangerous these days with Pyrotechnics in the format, which did almost burn me (pun intended) today.

sultaiemissary.fullThe deck is blessed with two new common warriors in black, Alesha’s Vanguard and Sultai Emissary, and I happened to play both. Neither were fantastic, the latter does replace itself upon death and does provide crucial turn three Raids with Mardu Hordechief, but the manifested creature isn’t a Warrior, and the card itself is small for the cost. Alesha’s Vanguard is a Hill Giant with a cheaper Dash, and as such isn’t very great, but not entirely awful either.

Dashing Alesha’s Vanguard seems an awful turn three play, especially when that turn could’ve been used by casting a Morph instead, but Dash has the upside of being a cheap way to get the creatures into play with Haste for the surprise alpha strike in later turns. Those were the only times I used Dash, at any other point, Alesha’s Vanguard was basically a worse Unyielding Krumar, who I’ve actually grown to like quite a bit.

Lastly, white has Aven Skirmisher, who is a Warrior, but that’s about it. I wouldn’t play it unless I was really hurting for cheap Raid enablers, it’s just too small to be worth a card. I played Firehoof Cavalry in my deck as a Raid enabler, and was unhappy to do so, even if it can on paper deal some damage later on.

mercilessexecutioner.fullIn the uncommon slots, black has Mardu Shadowspear for a quasi-2/1 for B who can’t chump-kill Morphs. Pretty uninteresting, but what I said about Aven Skirmisher holds true for this as well. Battle Brawler, on the other hand, is pretty cool and has the ability to be a really dangerous two-drop as long as it’s on, but I see myself getting 2-for-1’d by blocking incorrectly at some point in the future and getting blown out by a removal on my only white or red permanent. It’s interesting, but strictly worse than some other two-drops available to the archetype, most notably the Chiefs. Lastly, black has Merciless Executioner, a functional re-print of Commander staple Fleshbag Marauder, who is pretty good on paper. It’ll chump block a lot of stuff in the format, and chances are you’ll have some 1/1 token hanging around to get whacked.

Finally, white has Mardu Woe-Reaper who I like quite a bit, presuming it comes down on turn 1. Getting in for 4-6 damage and then trading for a Morph is sweet for a single white mana. Chances are that won’t happen every time however, which is why I consider this in the same department as the rest of the cheap Raid enablers.

Going wide with Warriors is my way of doing it in FKK, with the deck a bit diluted with the new cards, I think splashing red for Ponyback Brigade and Trumpet Blast is the way to go. More drafting is definitely needed, though I really want to draft something non-black the next time I play.

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  1. Grim Lavamancer

     /  January 30, 2015

    You’d best watch out for that Sliver Deck then! Congrats on the victory. I haven’t drafted the new expansion yet, how does it hold up compared to Khans? (Or just Khans, that is, since this draft had Khans boosters in it as well)

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