Mana Burn #13 – Drown in Sorrow

Mana burn banner

Hello kids! Are you in the mood for some Mana Burn (the native webcomic of Goyf Wars, brought to you by me – your friendly neighbourhood Grim Lavamancer)?

I thought you might just be! As usual, just click on the image below to read the comic.

Click to read-13It might not seem like it, but this one was actually one of the most difficult to write as of yet. I try to give all of the planeswalkers equal screentime so I figured it was time to write a single panel one about Green.

Turns out that was more difficult than I would have thought. As we have discussed earlier Green isn’t exactly the easiest colour when it comes to motivations, philosophy, interactions and stuff. As a consequence I went through several drafts and concepts which I scrapped half way through until I came up with this one (I figured that Green probably knows how difficult she is to understand and is somewhat depressed over it).

It’s a bit of a swing and miss, but probably better than nothing. But hey, I think you might like the next one a bit more!

Have a good week my friends!

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  1. I feel sorry for green 😦

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