Falcon Punching F13NM

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Perhaps playing a high-variance game on Friday the 13th isn’t the best thing to do, but yesterday was Fate-Khans-Khans FNM at the local card shop, and I wasn’t going to miss it come hell or high water, or unlucky incidents.

Temur has long been my favourite clan on Tarkir. I really love most of the art on the cards, the wintery scenes are just fantastic, and I like most of the lore surrounding the clan. The Temur are nomadic, but out of necessity – contrary to Mardu, who seem to be nomadic on account of being too lazy to build more than a single city. During my latest big sealed event, I really wanted to play Temur, and I opened an Icy Blast as my first rare, but the pool, in the end, was a lot more Mardu than Temur. I did 6-0 the swiss and end up in the T4, so I can’t complain about the pool, but missing out on Temur was a bit of a bummer.

In drafts, I usually lean towards drafting aggressive decks with low curves in this format. So many people draft lots of the gain lands and durdle around with their mana in order to play bomby rares from every clan they can pick up, meaning having a two-color aggro deck (like WR or BW) punishes these strategies very effectively, and it sometimes just nets free wins. Preying on people stumbling on mana is awesome in a format where people often play three colours, and sometimes even four or five.

savagepunch.fullLast night, however, I had a goal in mind. I was going to draft Savage Punch! My idea was to cast a turn three Alpine Grizzly or Gore Swine, Savage Punch their morph and hit them for 6, or Temur Battle Rage when they block my 4/x with their morph. I opened Sandsteppe Mastodon in my Fate Reforged pack, which was otherwise quite weak with no better uncommon, so I shrugged and drafted it although it has been written off by many limited experts. I think it can be quite good anyway, ten power for seven mana, often distributed over two creatures, is quite good in my opinion. I followed up by picking some more green and red cards that don’t necessarily commit me to the Falcon Punch deck, Temur SabertoothHunt the Weak (almost always feels quite good at least), an Outpost Siege and some great-to-decent blue cards, Aven Surveyor, Etheral Ambush, Cunning Strike etc. Only a single Temur Battle Rage, but I wasn’t too concerned – if my plan failed, I could perhaps fall back on just a generic Temur deck.

The Savage Punches didn’t come in Khans of Tarkir, however, and even though I didn’t pass a single one, I only ended up with two. In the end, the deck was a bit of a mess, half a Savage Punch deck, half a regular Temur deck –


“The worst” of the five common tri-color morph creatures. Still pretty damn good!

1 Aven Surveyor
1 Mystic of the Hidden Way
1 Glacial Stalker
1 Summit Prowler
1 Ainok Guide
2 Alpine Grizzly
1 Temur Sabertooth
1 Pine Walker
1 Destructor Dragon
1 Sandsteppe Mastodon
1 Woolly Loxodon
1 Icefeather Aven
2 Snowhorn Rider

1 Crippling Chill
1 Temur Battle Rage
1 Barrage of Boulders
1 Bring Low
1 Outpost Siege
2 Savage Punch
1 Hunt the Weak

2 Rugged Highlands
2 Thornwood Falls
7 Forest
3 Mountain
3 Island

The land distribution might be incorrect, I left the basics in the shop’s land station. I lost in the last round to WR with a really low curve, when my mana didn’t cooperate. We played a couple more games after, and he beat me soundly again, despite my mana working properly, so the loss was well deserved. Only afterwards did I realise the irony that I played a durdly and slow deck with iffy mana and got beat by a low-curved two-color deck.

2-1 isn’t much to complain about, even though I missed prizes on tiebreakers (Friday the 13th indeed), but I still had a blast, I finally got to draft Temur towards the end of Khans’ lifespan, and Snowhorn Rider is such a boss.

falcon punch!

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