Shots fired at local EDH

Ojutai EDH

Since the local running league is officially over, and will be concluded in a T8 Rise of the Eldrazi draft at some later date (yours truly is competing and currently scrambling for strategy articles – are walls any good?), Monday night meant no tournament, but time for EDH instead. This, naturally suits me just fine.


EDH-jerk #1.

I sat down with Korlash, Heir to Blackblade which I wrote about in “Erebos Dethroned“. The opposition was, in turn, Nekusar, the Mind Razer (feel-bad combo), Alesha, Who Smiles at Death (awesome warrior-tribe aggro), and Kaalia of the Vast (the usual suspects). Nekusar was the quickest out of the gate in the first game, followed closely by Alesha, who – for some reason – came at me first, even if I hadn’t done anything at all. Through my oratory skills and acute sense of diplomacy (i.e. whining like a baby), I convinced Alesha that Nekusar was by far the greater threat, that I had seen the deck in question before just kill the table out of nowhere, and that chipping away at his health would be the safe move, since some of the draw-effects and damage there-of are symmetrical. Once she had chipped away a bit at Nekusar, I found myself at a comfortable 26 life with a nice grip of cards and plenty of stuff to do. Kaalia was lacking in haste enablers and thus, didn’t come off as a huge threat in this instance either.

Nekusar wasn’t to be out-done and dropped Sorin Markov and reset my life to 10. As the Warrior army grew, I felt I had to do something about it, and the turn before I was dead on board, I flash-backed Increasing Ambition for Cabal Coffers and Exsanguinate. I included the latter in the deck just for the night, since the group in question is too losly knit to realise cards like Exsanguinate and indeed Sorin Markov constitute some of the worst parts of douchebag EDH, and I got to play with my broken cards as well. I generated some fifteen mana and outright killed Nekusar with Exsanguinate – or rather I would have if Alesha hadn’t burned him out in response, meaning I only gained 26 life instead of 39. Korlash could quite easily be sent out into the fray and finish off both Alesha and Kaalia, though they did take a nice chunk of my life total before they died. Kaalia showed me an Earthquake as we scooped up, and that he had me on lethal had I not won that turn. Phew!


EDH-jerk #2.

In the second game, I was hated out quite quickly and Nekusar killed me with Skyscribing + Phyrexian Tyranny, with the help of Sorin Markov again. I had a slow hand and was never really in the game, in fact – when I was at 9 life, the only spell I had played that game before dying was Sudden Spoiling for a fog effect with no added benefit. Yeah, should’ve mulliganed, probably.

Nekusar died the turn after me, as Alesha burned him out, and after a slug fest between the two Mardu coloured generals, Kaalia came out on top through several huge creatures, including a Zurgo Helmsmasher stolen with Sepulchral Primordial (time paradox!).

Kaalia bolted the scene, which left the three of us to play a third and final game for the night. I chose to break out my Azorius Pillowfort deck, which has undergone a lot of changes since I wrote about it. Most notably, I’ve swapped generals – to Ojutai, the Soul of Winter. I really like the dragons from Fate Reforged, and Ojutai was the first one I got my hands on, which prompted me to make the updates to the deck. Augustine is still in the deck, though not at the helm.


EDH-jerk #3.

The game started, again, with Nekusar trying to commit double-murder suicide through various nasty enchantments and artifacts, including the ever-annoying Teferi’s Puzzle Box which made it impossible to plan ahead. I hid from Alesha behind a Propaganda which directed her attention mostly to Nekusar, and after he was eliminated, I established a board state with, among other things, plenty of mana-generating artifacts, Winter Orb, Propaganda, Rhystic Study, Kismet and lots of lands. I had cast Winter Orb at a proper time, and Alesha was more or less out of mana. Ojutai herself flew in five times for the victory.

“Are you having as much fun as I’m having?”

My opponent did take the loss very well, and wasn’t sour about losing to such “boring” tactics. I don’t want to dwell too much on Ojutai, I’m not even sure if I want to play the deck for any amount of time, simply because it does cause some feel-bad for the opponent. That said, it does punish ramp quite well, and against several opponents, it’s one of the few ways to play control.

Getting to play three games of EDH on a Monday night is as much fun as one can have, at least while still wearing pants, and coming back with two victories makes it even better. I’m also working on a quite different EDH project, which I will write about at a later date.

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  1. Fritteman

     /  February 17, 2015

    Tack för en bra lektion i EDH.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Grim Lavamancer

     /  February 20, 2015

    Not only is Nekusar a jerk. He is the kind of jerk that gives you a lot of free beers, goads you to drink them all real quick and sleeps with your girlfriend while you’re passed out on the bathroom floor.

    And yes. Winter Orb may be a slightly boring card. But it also does a good job of punishing decks that rely too much on expensive spells, without having to destroy your opponents mana base completely (an interesting social experiment would be to record and compare the level of groaning winter orb would cause at the gaming table, compared to how cycling Devastating Dreams would sound).

    Liked by 1 person

    • I assume you mean Decree of Annihilation, but your point is crystal clear. Both are definitely feel-bad cards, I might cut it from the deck if it proves too much.

      And yeah, Nekusar is deifinitely a jerk. He’s the kind of jerk who would take you to a bar, ask you for cash to pay for the wardrobe (since he only has his credit card on him), spend the night stealing the tips from the bartender and then forcing you to kamikaze wingman him, leaving you with the less-attractive girl and the tab.



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