The most exciting spoiler so far

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One of green’s best commons in Khans of Tarkirs, if not outright the best one is Savage Punch. As such, I was sad to realize it has little time left in the format, since Falcon Punching your opponent’s stuff to death is among the best things one can do in the format. Fate Reforged has Hunt the Weak, incidentally one of the best commons in the colour as well, but nothing near the power level of Savage Punch. The days of seeing Surrak punch bears to death in limited are over, but the new timeline brings this gem to green’s commons:


The awesome name aside, this isn’t as powerful as Savage Punch, but the bonus is always there and getting cheap green fight cards at common is really nice.

Out of the five khans previously seen in Khans of Tarkir, two are undead (Anafenza and Sidisi), one is seriously lacking in composure compared to his other version (Zurgo) and one is now a Planeswalker (Narset). I’d say out of the five, Surrak is the one closets to his other self, still punching large animals with his bare fists. I really want to see his card now.

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  1. Grim Lavamancer

     /  March 9, 2015

    Well, it lacks the extra punch (pun intended) of Savage punch. But I actually like this card more. Since you don’t need ferocious to trigger to extra power on this card is quite often better than it’s counterpart. And while the artwork isn’t quite as badass as the last one, it warms my heart to see that Surrak is still solving his problems with his fists.

    I was a bit worried we’d see him retired in a monastery somewhere, looking like this:

    Surrak, Retired Reverend 1GG
    Legendary Creature – Human Druid
    1G (tap): You gain 3 life.
    Formidable – Not at all.
    “Punching bears? Such a juvenile display of strength. True strength comes from within. Now, pass me that non-alcoholic beer, will you?”

    But this card shows that it might not be so bad after all.



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