Sunday Night EDH with Tasigur (Tasigur Analysis pt 1)

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A confession: I was very wrong when I first talked about Tasigur in EDH. One of the reasons I didn’t properly estimate the cards was because I underestimated the number of times the situation “only relevant/good cards in the graveyard, Tasigur activates and mills two lands or another relevant/good card and a land” comes up in regular game play when in a four-player game. Another reason is I underestimated just how awful other people can be to each other.

“I think we can let that thing resolve and it’ll be fine as long as you give me back my Pernicious Deed when I activate Tasigur.”

I uttered these words, among others, during this past Sunday’s games of EDH at my old stomping grounds. Usually, I only go on Fridays, but since this Monday is a holiday, I managed to get three others together to play some neat EDH, and I brought, among other things, Tasigur.

perniciousdeed.hqJoining Tasigur in the bout were Keranons, God of Storms, Titania, Protector of Argoth, and Sharuum the Hegemon. Stiff competition, thus. We played a regular free-for-all to warm up, and I did fine until I was about to blow up the world with Pernicious Deed, and elected to blow for just five, to not take Tasigur with me in the fall, but this left Sharuum on my opponent’s side as well. In response to me blowing up the world, he had Arcbound Ravager eat up all of his artifacts, which left Sharuum with five +1/+1 counters on his side after all was said and done. I looked hard for something to deal with it, but couldn’t and was dead in two turns, left to play Super Smash Brothers in the other room while Keranos won a long and grindy game.

We played some team games, Sharumm and [[REDACTED]] lost 1-2 to Keranos and Iroas, God of Victory. Yeah, we didn’t have many answers to their god combo and while my other new general, [[REDACTED]] did just fine and held the ground well, we were no match for them in the end. Finally, Tasigur and Titania beat Keranos and Sharuum 2-1.

Good fight, good night.

With lots of games under the belt just that evening, I left satisfied with a few ideas in mind. I was fine with losing most of the games, in only one instance did I feel like my deck did nothing, and after all, most players in EDH will lose most of the games they play – it’s the nature of the format.

I’ve pjace,themindsculptor.hqosted my new list on TappedOut here, with quite a few changes. Gone are some of the clunky cards like Intuition and Life from the Loam (though I kept Crucible of Worlds because I like how it synergises with fetch lands etc.), Garruk Wildspeaker, and a few other spells I was almost never happy to draw, and in their stead I have added some more countermagic and some more draw in Sylvan Library and Jace, the Mind Sculptor. The former is just great, and the latter is one of my favourite cards of all time, and it can come in handy with the general.

Aside these changes, I wanted to expand a bit upon the general itself, and compare it to the other options available to us:

Why Tasigur, the Golden Fang?
Before the first release of Commander preconstructed decks, there was but one available general in the BUG colours – Vorosh, the Hunter. Part of a cycle of five dragons in Planar Chaos, they are a throwback to the legendary dragon cycle of Invasion, Dromar, the Banisher and friends. As such they all have the same templating and need for hitting people before they actually do something. I have played Vorosh in the past, in a Time Walk deck, aimed to recur Time Stretch and kill the table with a 24/24 dragon general. It worked quite nicely, but taking lots of turns is a poor way of winning in a format where social play is important, and it prompts hate in the next game.

The first line of Commander preconstructed decks had both The Mimeoplasm and Damia, Sage of Stone, and I have played them both for at least some time. The Mimeoplasm was listed in my Failed Decks post, and Damia got an entire eulogy when I dismantled her deck.

sidsiLastly, the only BUG-colored commander I have yet to try out is Sidisi, Brood Tyrant. I can imagine a self-mill deck with her at the helm, but she’s kinda held back by her small stature and the fact that she only creates one zombie, no matter how many creatures she mills. Making lots of tokens in a single turn will thus take some work, preferably through milling cards one-by-one until there are X 2/2:s in play. I found a list on TappedOut that can make infinite 2/2:s in a single turn and kill everyone, but it seems fragile.

What I enjoyed about my Tasigur deck was that while the general is important to the deck and can generate lots of value, he isn’t completely necessary for the deck to function. It is a BUG goodstuff control deck, no more no less. With Tasigur at the helm, I can generate lots of value from the general, and use him as my primary win con, but the deck won’t fall apart without him.

What do you mean, “commander tax”?
Tasigur’s Delve ability is completely broken. While some might struggle to pay thirteen mana for their general in the very late game, Tasigur will just chomp two more cards from the graveyard and be cast for B. This also allows me to activate his ability once or twice even in the same turn as I cast him, even in the late game. This trumps all the other BUG generals – Vorosh is a dumb beater, The Mimeoplasm can generate tons of value but is even more reliant on the graveyard, Damia needs a full swing around the table before she draws me any cards, and Sidisi… Well…


In short, while I mostly built the deck to try a new card I opened at the prerelease, I can easily ret-con some good reasons to try him as well, which I’ve demonstrated above. My next EDH showing is this Friday, and I’ll bring Tasigur as well as [[REDACTED]] for the evening, and I’ve also put together a sweet [[REDACTED]] deck for my brother. To arms!

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  1. Grim Lavamancer

     /  April 9, 2015

    Too bad I missed out on this one, it sounds like you guys had a blast. I look forward to playing against your deck tomorrow!


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