Manaburn #17 – Defender of Law

Mana burn banner

Hello children! It’s your old pal, Grim Lavamancer!

Gather around everyone, gather around! It’s time for a new issue of Mana Burn.

What is Mana Burn, you ask? Why? It’s the native webcomic of Goyf Wars, brought to you by me – your friendly neighbourhood Grim Lavamancer. As usual just click the image below to read the comic.

Click to read-17

Not a lot of subtlety to this one, but the rules of Magic sure must seem weird to the in-universe characters. In this one we also get to see another glimpse of White’s lieutenant (last seen in comic #1), does anyone recognize her? If you can guess who she is you might win an imaginary ice cream cone.

See you all next time, kids!

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