Monday Night Ghoulcalling

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A while back, in anticipation of my brother’s long-awaited homecoming, I built two decks, Stitcher Geralf and Ghoucaller Gisa. I liked both of them quite a bit, and kept them even after homecoming was over. Tonight was the first night I busted out Gisa since that weekend. We were only three people at the table this time around, and one of my friends left all of his stuff at home, so I lent him my brother’s Skullbriar deck. The copy of Skullbriar himself is in German (my brother has a thing for non-English languages in Magic), but after sorting out what he did to the table, we were off to the races.

Aside Skullbriar and Gisa, the third at the table was Ghave, Guru of Spores, so lots of beatdown to be sure. It turned out that Ghave was built mostly from stuff he had at home, some staples to be sure, not optimized, but neither is Gisa and Skullbriar is not up-to-date.

bloodchiefascension.hqIn both games we played, Ghave started off with a turn one Bloodchief Ascension, although the second time it was because I didn’t properly explain the partial paris mulligan rule, since I was on the phone. It just so happens that that card is really good in EDH, even more so when you’re up against decks that either wants to sacrifice stuff – Gisa, or decks that happens to put things in the graveyard as it goes along – most decks, Skullbriar not an exception.

Skullbriar was really aggro in both games, as Skullbriar tends to be, but since Bloodchief Ascension was in play, he couldn’t hit me too much in the first game, else it would hop to life and start to make us both bleed. I was stuck drawing a bunch of mana. After  beating down quite a bit on Ghave, who was manascrewed, for balance, and while only sending some small dudes my way, I retaliated and turned on Bloodchief Ascension to get things going. That turned Skullbriar’s attention on me, and in one of his attack steps, I made the play of the night to me: my board was Gisa, Cabal Coffers, Deserted Temple and a bunch of Swamps. I cast Wake the Dead, for X=4, returning all of my things to the battlefield, among them a Nantuko Shade. Using the rest of the mana, I made the Nantuko Shade a 20/19 and after all blocks, I sacrificed it to Gisa to make 20 Zombies. I won two turns later, with the horde.

fleetfeathersandals.hqIn the second game, I got a much better start with a more even spells-to-lands ratio. However, Ghave had Bloodchief Ascension immediately, which shut off large parts of my deck. Very early in the game, I had a chance to tutor for Unstable Obelisk, my only out, but failed to recognize the threat from Bloodchief Ascension and got something stupid instead, I think it was Phyrexian Reclamation (which is pretty bad when there’s an active Bloodchief Ascension on the other side of the table). I eventually, at a mere 13 life, clear the board with a Living Death which would put me on 9 thanks to Bloodchief Asencion but it would get me back a bunch of neat creatures, while Ghave would get only Ob Nixilis, the Fallen and Skullbriar would be left with an empty board. Ghave, however, flew over my creatures and killed me with Ob Nixilis after he played and equipped Fleetfeather Sandals. Epic.

Ghave won that game, which is just fine by me. I made two errors in my judgment, and clearly didn’t deserve to win. Also, the thought of a big, scary demon, furious over his fate and suffering, strapping on a pair of f*cking winged sandals and going to town on the opponents cracks me up.

All in all, a pretty great night for some EDH!

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