Unlimited power (Tasigur analysis pt 4)

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Sultai is a weird clan to me. Out of the five clans of Tarkir, I like Temur the best for the flavour and the artwork, but I also like Abzan for the same reasons, plus the colours. Jeskai and Mardu are both “meh” to me, but they both have historic precedence to some extent. The one I generally don’t like is Sultai, even if it has the greatest out of the five wedges when it comes to colour combination. I just don’t very much like the art and the style of the clan, the ethics (or lack thereof) can best be described as “comic-book villain evil” to me. There are, in all seriousness, more clearly motivated villains in Captain Planet, and they seemed to mostly be about screwing with the environment for some sort of intrinsic value.

That said, Tasigur intrigues me as both a commander and as a comic-book villain. The latter aspect makes me want to win with big, overcomplicated, evil spells. Mostly with Villainous Wealth, but there are other cards as well. In fact, in my current Tasigur build, there are six cards that are in the deck solely to create a winning board state. In this post, I have ranked them from most- to least important for the deck’s strategy, and I wanted to expand upon all of them.

villainouswealth.fullVillainous WealthThis card personifies Sultai for me, and it is just absurd in EDH. Genesis Wave is pretty good, but forces you to run enough permanents to make it worthwhile. Villainous Wealth does not demand anything at that, the only thing it demands is knowledge enough to know which opponent to point it at. I have not won the game when resolving this for X=7 or more. It is a tall order, but it can be done in the right shell, and I believe Tasigur Control is the right shell.

Sword of Feast and FamineAnother completely absurd card in many EDH decks, Sword of Feast and Famine both speeds up Tasigur’s clock from six to four turns for the kill, and it allows for powerful plays like activating Tasigur multiple times in your own turn, swing, hold mana for countermagic. It is a necessity in Tasigur, even more-so than other EDH decks.

Rite of Replication“Wait a minute!” you might say, “Didn’t you include this card on your Top 5 EDH cards that makes me want to flip the table post? And on the number two slot?”

riteofreplication.hqIt’s true, I did include this blasted card on my Top 5 cards that make me want to flip the table post, but I’m nothing if not a complete spineless hypocrite. Also, everyone else is playing it at home, and worse stuff, so until everyone else stops, I won’t. In all seriousness, Rite of Replication is very, very powerful when paired with the proper creature, but I don’t think it’s quite as ridiculous in this deck as it was in my friend’s Ink-Treader Nephilim deck. I know it’s not a Legendary creature. I pointed out this fact ad nauseam.

Time WarpI’m really not a fan of Time Walk effects, but as long as there’s not much recursion, they’re generally not overpowered. In general, they are better in 1 vs 1 than in multiplayer, since casting these spells will paint a big target on the controller’s head. In Tasigur, it’s pretty good since it allows for another untap step, when at around 10 mana, using all mana to cast something good, like Tasigur himself, the Sword above, and then Time Warp:ing into an untap step for more shenanigans or countermana is pretty good. It is nowhere near imperative, however.

Grave TitanGood Old Gravy Train is not really as powerful as its green counterpart, but still pretty good. Ten power for six mana is great, and if he can be suited up with a pair of Lightning Greaves or combined with Time Warp, it can get out of hand. It very rarely wins out of nowhere, but it is one of the best beaters in the deck and deserves to be mentioned here.

ExsanguniateOh, how the mighty have fallen. I have talked smack about this card on so many occasions, and it is such an easy win it makes me cringe that I play with this card at all. However, it is extremely rare that it actually kills a player at all, it has only happened one or two times, but what it does is it is a panic button that puts Tasigur back into the front of the line. Having no access to the absurd mana-generators of mono-black, Tasigur will have to rely on mini-Exsangunates to drain everyone for around 5. It comes with the same issue as Time Warp above, which is why I consider it less-than-broken in this shell. It is pretty great if combined with something that lets me untap my lands, but otherwise, I think it’s quite fair against two or three opponents.

And that’s it- these are Tasigur’s six win-cons. If the tuck rule was still in place, I think the list would look a bit different, with probably more win-cons, or an infinite combo, but as it stands, Tasigur is more than capable of winning on commander damage against most foes. At least in the late game.

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