Magic Origins: Day’s Undoing

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I’ve felt a bit out of touch from this spoiler season lately. The main reason for that is that my fiancé and I recently relocated to another town, and I’ve been without an internet connection for the past week or so. Bummer. However, I have been able to follow along with some of the spoilers on Twitter, and I must say Magic Origins doesn’t disappoint so far.

Oh yeah, they’ve made another Timetwister variant. The difference between this one and other variants printed previously? This one costs 2U:


The last clause is a bit of a downer, since the huge upside of cheap symmetrical draw 7’s is opening a turn with them to get ahead on the board before your opponent(s) can use any newly drawn cards. This is especially important in EDH since it’s a multiplayer format and symmetrical effects scale weirdly – in head-to-head, you draw seven and your opponent draws seven, in a four-person game, you draw 7 and your opponents draw a total of 21 cards to your seven. However, EDH is also a format of these cards:

leylineofanticipation.hq vedalkenorrery.hq quicken.hq










Notice that all of these are on-colour. If one is willing to bend to UG, there’s also this one:

alchemistsrefuge.fullI think Day’s Undone is very exciting, and the art is really baller.

What do you think of our new Timetwister? Leave a comment!


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