Swamps for Gisa

gisa bannerA while back, when my younger brother visited home for the first time since moving abroad, I constructed two decks for us to play with when he came home. One was Ghoulcaller Gisa, and I’ve written about my experiences with the deck here and here. Since he left, I’ve kept the deck (even if it’s my second black deck) and continued working on it, and I’d say it’s the second most powerful deck I have sleeved up right now, just after Tasigur.

emptythepits.fullThe deck’s most current list, which is updated with every change I make, can be found here on TappedOut. Just recently, I added Empty the Pits in order to turn over my stacked graveyard to a threat later in the game. The deck also has lots of ways to produce large amounts of mana and needed another mana sink, simply put. Combining both into the same card must be nice.

However, one thing bothers me with the deck still. The Swamps in the deck are just random Swamps I found in my cards, and they all come from very different expansions – some are from Scars of Mirrodin, some from M15, some from Lorwyn, from Return to Ravnica and original Ravnica and so on. It bothers me to no end, and many of the illustrations are from Swamps that are clearly very different places compared to the place Gisa herself is from and most of the stuff she reanimates.

As such, I want to change that to having about 25 Swamps all with the same image, or at least all from the same expansion with the same look and feel. Obviously, Innistrad is the top choice, since that’s where Gisa is from, but I was a bit disappointed when browsing their basic lands. Innistrad has some of the best Forests ever, as well as Plains, but the Swaps leave me wanting. Go go gadget Vorthos art exposition:


This one is pretty nice, but half the image is just black and pretty boring. The part of the image that does contain something is great, but considering we’re looking at a 50% disadvantage compared to the other examples, this one is out.


This one is better, has colour in the entire frame, has a little contrast front and center, but is a bit too much Nephalia for Gisa, I’d say. If Geralf was U/B, this would be the perfect Swamp for him to run.


This is probably the choice I’m going for, it’s a graveyard so it depicts Gisa’s main work place, it’s got some red to contrast all the black, and some obvious Avacyn symbols to tie it together with Innistrad. It is a bit predictable and boring, but it’s the best out of the three.

What do you think, reader? Are basic lands and their looks important to you? Which Swamp out of the three above is the best for Gisa, or is there another Swamp in another expansion that’s even better? Leave a comment!

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  1. crazyaboutmtg

     /  June 26, 2015

    Third is the best I think. I don’t find the art on basic lands of much importance.



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