[Casual, Vorthos] Cult of Dromoka

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For information on what I think is the best representaiton of “Vorthos”, see this excellent article on GatheringMagic.com

Not all of my EDH decks are even 75% decks, some of them are even less so, and this is my primary example. I put this together mostly out of boredom, but also because I happened to draft a Dromoka, the Eternal once and I think the dragon in question is very cool! I also wasn’t playing white at the time at all, meaning I had a bunch of staples not getting used, and I was only playing green in Tasigur, where it was a pretty small splash.

The deck is made completely from cards I had lying around in the house, and I have yet to spend a single cent on it. It could be made so much better, but I’ve decided against it for the moment. I have it with me, since I play with a couple of different playgroups with varying power levels, and it’s good to have a more casual deck around for playing against people who haven’t gotten into the format as hard as others.

Getting into the lore of MTG has been easier and easier over the years. I’ve been playing actively since the Urza block, around fifteen years or so, with a gap around Lorwyn block due to relocating for school. Throughout the years, I never really cared about the lore of the game, back when you had to buy a fat pack to get a novel and read to get updated. Nowadays, with Uncharted Realms, keeping up with the story is so much simpler, and it means that even I, who don’t really have an interest in the storyline, can very easily read up on my favourite cards.

The story of Tarkir block was especially interesting, it intrigued me a lot more than Theros block from the onset, and even though I much preferred the Tarkir of Khans rather than Dragons, the story hade a nice conclusion.

dromoka,theeternal.fullIn February this year, a story was posted about Daghatar, the Adamant, ancient khan of the Abzan Houses, and his struggle to save his clan from extinction against the brood of Dromoka, the Eternal. In the story, parts of the Abzan Houses have left the clan in favour of worshipping the dragon instead, and I wanted to represent this faction in my Dromoka deck.

The deck can be found here on TappedOut: Cult of Dromoka.

Aside the obvious +1/+1 counter lords, I added some of the more obvious and powerful inclusions like the removal suite, Survival of the Fittest, Serra Ascendant etc. Some of it is a lot of flavour fail, but I don’t want to cough up dough to improve the deck right now, for reasons stated above. Maybe in the future. Besides, fogging every turn in heads-up play with Spore Frog/Kami of False Hope and Genesis seems fitting for someone named “The Eternal”.

So there we are, my first foray into Vorthos-ian EDH. What do you think of the deck? Any cards worth spending money on that would enhance both flavour and strength?

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