Magic Origins: Chandra’s gear

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The spoilers are coming out very quick now, it’s impossible to keep up and talk about all the cards I want to talk about, but I’d like to shed some light on the ones I think are interesting or funny. This one definitely caught my eyes:



brockI was going to make a joke about how Brock from Pokémon finally has a pair of goggles that fits him, but then I reasoned that that might be racially insensitive, so I won’t.

However, the card itself is very interesting at least at first glance. First of all, it’s a mana rock in red EDH decks – tapping for a mana and getting a free Mirari activation is neat, but on the other hand – what are you going to copy? Wheel of Fortune effects are useless in multiples on the stack unless you are Nekusar (and by extension, a bad person), mass-removal equally useless, but here are a couple of neat spells to copy:


Make two enemies for the price of one!


Sure, the board state would be weird, but 8-for-1:ing the board is awesome!










These are just two suggestions, there are a bunch of value removal like Chaos Warp where a copy is always neat, and Threaten effects for value!

What’s the craziest thing you can think of to copy with Chandra’s gear? Leave a comment!


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  1. Grim Lavamancer

     /  July 2, 2015

    At first glance I thought the googles were quite awesome and a definite add on to my EDH-deck, but as you wrote, the problem is that in EDH red has very few spells that are worth copying. A lot of the spells that would be awesome with the artifact (such as Lightning Bolt, Incinerate and other low cost burn spells) are just too weak in a format were creatures are best dealt with by Wrath of God.

    Browsing through my own EDH-deck there are preciously few red instants or sorceries that would even have an effect if they were doubled. Act of treason, perhaps, and if I for some reason wouldn’t want to overload Vandalblast but need two artifacts destroyed. Hull Breach and Signal the Clans would be nice, but not nearly enough to justify a manastone for five mana. And unless I would need to squeeze some extra juice from Temur Charm, I’d pretty much end up dual wielding Blasphemous acts and Insurrection. Too bad, since the card looks awesome on paper.

    Perhaps I’ll use it if I end up bulding a Niv-Mizzet spellslinger deck someday.

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    • To be fair, I’m sure there are lots of cards that would be suitable to be copied by the goggles, even in mono-red. Gamble, Price of Progress, Chaos Warp, Volcanic Offering, any Threaten effect, Comet Storm (or any X-spell), Commune With Lava (!), Wild Richochet (lol), and so on.



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