The first descent of Dromoka

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More or less as a joke, I broke out Dromoka, the Eternal last EDH night. I wasn’t expecting it to perform anything really, but it actually did. My decklist can be found here on TappedOut: Cult of Dromoka. As I stated in my previous post about the deck, it is built around the idea that a deck could represent the cult that first left the Abzan Houses in order to follow the word of the dragon Dromoka instead. The deck is very casual, only built with the cards I had lying around the house, and I haven’t spent any money on the deck specifically. I simply threw together the appropriate flavour cards added sugar, spice and everything nice – some staples in the colours, and out came this deck.

The opponents were the usual suspects:

Ezuri, Renegade Leader (Elves!)
Glissa, the Traitor (Artifact value/FIGHT!)
Sigarda, Host of Herons (Voltron) / Marchesa, the Black Rose (Steal and sac your stuff)

Glissa’s most favourite toy.

So, lots of treacherous elves and a big angel to serve Dromoka a nice knuckle sandwich. Mise well play the deck, since it has quite a few board sweepers, which is good against at least two of the decks. Glissa is worse, she uses the general and a bunch of cards which uses the Fight mechanic in order to destroy everyone with card advantage through cards like Executioner’s Capsule, various eggs etc. It’s a neat deck, I’ll concede, and Glissa herself is pretty cool. Since my deck lacked even shroudboots, I was left to diplomatic means to get the job done.

Ezuri is pretty much what you’d expect from tribal elves, it has a whopping 45 creatures in the main deck (!).

Sigarda and Marchesa were piloted by the same guy in the two games I played with Dromoka. Sigarda is pretty standard Sigarda Voltron, but as I said, one of the effective ways to deal with her is to wipe the board with enough frequency to keep her off due to commander tax. This also led to splash damage on especially Ezuri, which is nice.

Marchesa is Marchesa, and from what I’ve seen on the internet, most list tend to focus on stealing stuff, putting counters on them through Dethrone or Unspeakable Symbol, and then sacrificing it for value and keeping it forever – or rather, until the game ends.

Thing is, though, since my deck puts counters on creatures from the get go, it was ill suited to fight Marchesa and friends.

Never imagined this fellow beating an angel.

Through some stroke of luck, however, Dromoka was able to outlast all opponents in both games! In the first game, she bolstered herself to victory, meaning people lost to a 5/5 green-white flier for 5, even though the Sigarda guy was playing Marchesa. In the second game, later in the night, I dropped a turn one Serra Ascendant which put me really far ahead, and after the two elf decks were eliminated, I was able to lock out Sigarda through Genesis + Spore Frog. How eternal!

So in short, Dromoka performed well above the expectations for her first night out. Thassa is doing the opposite, and losing most games she is in (frankly, all games aside a team game or two), but I’ll leave that lamentation for some other day.

I’ve continued working on Dromoka, the new list can be found here: Cult of Dromoka on I haven’t yet spent any money on it, so I’m lacking a lot of cool rares so far, but maybe I will shell out a few bucks to complete the most important core (i.e. Sunscorch Regent and friends). The deck is also a bit more punchy, mostly because I like the Fight mechanic quite a bit in green, and also because I like the idea of Dromoka literally punching stuff out of the air. It still needs a lot of work, but I like the deck quite a bit, and it was a blast to play.

To future victories!

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  1. Grim Lavamancer

     /  July 6, 2015

    Looks nice! Very flavorfull, I can respect that (though my Atarka may have to rough Dromoka up a bit, it’s just how she rolls). Look forward to playing against the deck some day!


    • By the time Surrak has be able to call forth Atarka from the deck, Dromoka will be an 11/11 😉

      Really looking forward to playing the deck a bit more as well.

      Liked by 1 person


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