Tasigur update

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I’ve made some pretty big changes to my Tasigur list to stream line it a bit more, and I wanted to take a moment and go over some of my reasoning behind them. The list can be found here on TappedOut: Tasigur v.2.

Trinket Mage / Sensei’s Divining Top: The former might look strange in a deck with only two targets, and I reckon it might be, but then again, as long as I haven’t drawn both Sensei’s Divining Top and Sol Ring, it will always generate value. I’d say it’s a test so far. I’ve avoided the latter for quite some time, it tends to lead to longer turns overall, which slows down the game for everyone, but one can not deny its power with a) the general, and b) the amount of fetches in the deck. Tasigur lives and dies by his alliances, but there are times when setting up good flips with Top and an activation from him might be necessary.

Pongify / Snuff Out: The former is an EDH staple for a reason, and I have no real clue why I didn’t include it in the first place. It’s very recurable with Tasigur in order to kill multiple creatures because of the low mana cost, which segways nicely into the next card. Snuff Out is annoyingly picky with what it can target – compared to the other spot removals in the deck, but then again, it is essentially free. One player in the metagame is very fond of Marchesa, the Black Rose, and in all games involving her, the life payment can keep me off the throne, meaning it is actually an upside. Narrow applications aside, being able to kill multiple creatures with no added mana other than Tasigur’s activation cost is great.

The manabase: The mana base is being overhauled. I’m still missing a few of the obvious lands, but I’m quite happy as of now.

Feel free to check out the deck and drop any comments/critique either here or on TappedOut.

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