The most important of changes

ajani banner

dromoka,theeternal.fullTasigur isn’t the only deck getting a face lift this week, I’ve also done some changes to Dromoka. The new deck list can be found here, just click the general on the right. Some of the more important changes include more card-drawing. That is a pretty big deal in EDH, and something of an issue in green-white, which is a shame because I really like green-white overall. There’s always Sylvan Library, but Tasigur is claiming that one for now, and I’m not going to get a second one to play in my most casual EDH deck. I am looking into getting a Greater Good for the deck, but I haven’t found an Urza’s Saga one yet that was at a reasonable price. For now, I’ll have to make due with the usual stuff, Harmonize and Survival of the Fittest + Genesis, and I recently added Life from the Loam to synch with the cycling lands and Horizon Canopy.

I also made the deck slightly more punchy by adding the non-Khans fight cards I could muster. Prey Upon is silly but the fight mechanic is great flavour and that art is really sweet. Mutant’s Prey ties together the theme with the fight mechanic nicely, and is also an Instant. I’m planning to add a Dromoka’s Command in the future but haven’t gotten there yet, both as a means of getting a +1/+1 counter on something in Instant speed, and as another fight card.

Lastly, and by far the most important change of the deck, to me, is I cut Garruk Wildspeaker who, in this deck, was a bad ramp card, for this planeswalker – a gentleman and a scholar:


Ajani helps with adding +1/+1 counters in any way I want, and he also – most of the time – draws me business. He will only find me creatures in the deck, since he is the only Planeswalker and I have no Auras, but even so, hitting a creature in the top four cards with 32 in the deck seems okay. I ran some numbers, but I’m no mathematician, but if I have, for the sake of argument, 85 cards left in the deck in total, 25 of which are creatures out of the original 99 and 32, meaning it’s late in the game. If I flip four cards with Ajani, the chances I hit one or more creatures is 75,91%.  Not bad odds, if you ask me.

His ultimate is meh, but both the other abilities will +1 him, meaning he won’t be low on loyalty as long as I have creatures to protect him.

The art is also some of the best I’ve seen on Planeswalkers, and it blends really well with the frame. That alone makes him worth a spot in the deck.

Overall, I’m really starting to like Dromoka in particular and green-white in general. Just flicking through the deck makes me happy, and I can’t wait for the next time I get to bring it out.

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