The New Commander set

city of shakar

Recently, Wizards announced this year’s Commander product, something people were expecting from Comic Con, but apparently we’ll get the goods on PAX this year instead. As of now, there’s not much info out, but here’s a link to Wizard’s announcement: Announcing Commander 2015.

So far, they’ve given us two pieces of information:

  1. This year’s edition is two-colour enemy pair decks, i.e. we’ll get white-black, red-white, blue-red, green-blue, and black-green. This is significant, because this means that we won’t get any four-colour commanders from this year’s product, and it also tells us that next year is likely the five ally colour pairs.
  2. This year’s edition will feature cards that use “experience counters”, and right now nobody outside Wizards now what this is. My prediction is a Skullbriar-esque mechanic, but with more interesting triggers. Personally, I’m a fan of Skullbriar and his colour combintion, and I’d like something like this from the green-black commander:

[Cardname] 2GB
Whenever a creature is put into play from your graveyard, put an experience counter on [Cardname].

Whenever a creature is put into an opponent’s graveyard from play, draw a card for each experience counter on [Cardname].

[Skullbriar’s text about counters]



What are your predictions or hopes for Commander 2015? Leave a comment!

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