Hail to the King

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Tasigur is hereby dethroned for now. I’ve changed my direction on my “main deck”, and really only swapped one colour, but it is a total revamp, with a new general, a new game plan, and a new focus. I’ve been meaning to build this general for a long time, for many reasons, but first – let’s meet the lady in the spotlight:

yasovadragonclaw.fullI’ve chosen Yasova as my new general for a multitude of reasons:

  1. In Gameplay terms, she’s very efficiently costed, a 4/2 with an upside for 3 is no slouch, not even in EDH.
  2. Also, in gameplay terms, her ability tends to synergise well with sacrifice outlets.
  3. She’s Temur, my favourite of the Tarkir clans (followed by Abzan, and I’m looking at replacing Dromoka with Anafenza at some point in the future).
  4. Thankfully enough, she’s a female character in a fantasy game and she’s not complete fanservice.
  5. Yasova is, ungratefully, the least popular Temur general, according to EDHREC.

The deck is still very rough, but this is my latest build: Yasova Dragonclaw on TappedOut.net.

The deck revolves around pumping Yasova, stealing stuff with her ability, hitting with things she’s stolen, and then sacrificing it to a sacrifice outlet.

I played two games of Kingdoms to break in the deck on Wednesday, after completing the deck thanks to some trades with Mr Grim Lavamancer himself. Around the table were:

Ghoulcaller Gisa (MBC / Zombies!) – new guy who borrowed my deck.

Zurgo Helmsmasher (Voltron) – Psykopatmullvad here.

Glissa, the Traitor (Artifact value)

Surrak Dragonclaw (Goodstuff) – Grim Lavamancer here.

Kruphix, God of Horizons (Big Mana Bombs!)

In the first game, I looked down upon a Forest, meaning I was The Knight – with Gisa as my King. Kruphix got off prophetofkruphix.hqto a great start and eventually assembled Kruphix + Prophet of Krupix + Consecrated Sphinx, meaning he took six turns for every one turn everyone else took, and drew eleven cards. Not fair. He eventually powered out some huge green beasts and hit the King for north of 60 points of damage without any combos in a single combat phase.

There was nothing I, nor the King, could do.

In the second game, I looked down at a Plains, horror-struck. I was quickly set upon by the table’s obvious bandits, Gisa and Zurgo, bringing me down to around 30 life before my supposed knight, Surrak, could stabilize the game for me. Kruphix identified himself as Knight, and helped me a lot, which made me assume he was either Assassin or Usurper, most likely the former.

After Zurgo was eliminated, Gisa went a turn or so later. This left me (King), Surrak (Knight – supposed), Kruphix (Assassin – supposed) and Glissa (usurper – supposed). Glissa had been passive throughout the game, and not tempting any allegience, meaning I was almost sure she was trying to get me into a position where she could alpha-strike me to steal the throne. Surrak and I talked about it, and decided to take out Kruphix, which we did.

When finally Glissa fell, Surrak revealed he was the Knight indeed, thankfully, but when the cards were turned over, Glissa was the Assassin, Gisa and Kruphix were Bandits, and Zurgo was the Usurper (!). Kruphix played the game really well and patiently, even though he had lots of gas on hand all the time, and was very co-operative. Apparently, a random Mutilate from Gisa saved me, about ten turns before Gisa died. Nobody noticed.

So again, two quite intense games, one a bit short ending throgh Bandit victory (and a solid one), one very long and very exicitng, ending in a narrow Temur victory for the King.

Hail to the King!

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  1. Grim Lavamancer

     /  August 19, 2015

    This was a great couple of games (especially the second one, Temur for the win!). I like what I’ve seen of Yasova so far, and I’ve actually contemplated running her myself (though that would mean saying goodbye to Surrak and all his bear punching glory). Perhaps we’ll have a chance to team up again for some more Temur and Temur awesomeness!

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  1. Yasova’s Encore | Goyf Wars

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