[Vorthos] Ob Nixilis’ Demon Posse

ob nixilis banner

The last time we left Ob Nixilis, I had just explained the underlying Vorthos influences on the deck. The main component with Ob Nixilis is his affinity for demons – as is explained both by the story he stars in, his -2 ability as a Planeswalker and all of his future appearances. Clearly, demons are important to him (maybe to the point of it being creepy… it’s definitely camp), and I wanted to make sure that comes across in the deck. As such I have included no less than a full football team of demons:

Abyssal Persecutorob nixilis pw
Archfiend of Depravity
Bloodgift Demon
Demon of Wailing Agonies
Kagemaro, First to Suffer
Reaper from the Abyss
Xathrid Demon
Abhorrent Overlord
Overseer of the Damned
Pestilence Demon
Necropolis Fiend

While these are all flavourful dumb beaters, really only one of them only does just that – beat in a dumb way. Abyssal Persecutor is a very aggressively costed 6/6 flier that can get in for some damage, and the rest of the demons serve a purpose – as is fitting when it comes to demons. Bloodgift Demon draws cards (very powerful in EDH), Xathrid Demon spreads out damage at the table, Abhorrent Overlord creates nigh-infinite chump blockers and the rest removes stuff – mostly from my opponents’ sides of the board. In addition to these eleven cards, there are three demon-themed cards that aren’t really demons themselves:

Skirsdag High Priest
Promise of Power
Infernal Offering

Both the priest and Promise of Power actually make the same kind of demon as the general himself, which is very fitting. The priest isn’t anything to phone home about, but it’ll make good use of creatures dying on the table, which they tend to do in EDH. Promise of Power is a beast, even though it’ll mostly be used to draw five (5!) cards. Lastly, Infernal Offering isn’t as blatantly demonic, but the name and the art gives it away. It’s clearly Ob Nixilis making pacts with a demon in that case.

Few of these cards are profitable in the early stages of the game, which means the deck needs ways to protect itself until the mid- to late game, and it needs ramp in order to cast these big spells. I will go over those two points in the next post.

Stay classy, Ob Nixilis

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