My secret secrets

edric bannerMail came in today, after about 35 days or so since ordering. That means my Edric deck is now recieved a massive update! I have updated the list and it can be viewed in its entire glory here:

I want *all* the secrets, on

After updating the list, I decided to run it through, to see the outcome. It yielded a few unexpected results. These are the top 8 recommendations, as of 15-10-07:

Skärmavbild 2015-10-07 kl. 22.07.30

All of the recommendations do make sense, really. Jace’s Phantasm and Cloud Pirates are additional fliers for U, and Merfolk Spy has some evasion and is a rogue – meaning it’ll turn on Notorious Throng. The only one I can’t fathom is Prime Speaker Zegana, since she will be like a 3/3 that draws two cards in this deck. Perhaps someone is playing her in a midrangey Edric build and posting it over and over to

When I scrolled down to the unique cards section, however, I found even more unexpected things:

Skärmavbild 2015-10-07 kl. 22.09.50Okay, maybe Reality Shift isn’t the most effective removal spell in the format, but I really don’t want to see an Elesh Norn at the table. Dig Through Time and Rhystic Study are both powerful draw effects, and Lightning Greaves protects Edric et al. Exploration is awesome ramp in a deck that draws that many cards. They are all format staples for a reason, and I don’t see why more people don’t play them. I’m not sure what percentage is the threshold for unique cards, but the name suggests it’s low.

I can see why people dislike the manlands, but they are effective and if there’s an open opponent, they basically read “1, T: Draw a card.” I’ve found them useful, at least. Lastly, Biomass Mutation is an additional win con in the deck, and I think people have missed it due to it being pretty obscure. Lastly, Muddle the Mixture and Long-Term Plans are both awesome cards that are criminally underplayed in the format. Muddle the Mixture can get the aforementioned Biomass Mutation, or it can get a Snapcaster Mage or a Cyclonic Rift. Furthermore, it will counter most any sweeper in the format. Long-Term Plans is something of a pet card of mine and it does well in decks that draws lots of cards. It’s an instant Demonic Tutor in this deck for any win condition.

I can’t wait to take Edric for another night out on the town, but until then, I will have to make do with EDHrec and feeling superior for playing Long-Term Plans.

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  1. crazyaboutmtg

     /  October 8, 2015

    When doing research for my own Vorel EDH deck, I found lots of Edric cards, because both of these G/U Commanders have many of the same cards in the deck, which are cards that are staples in any G/U Commander deck, such as Prophet of Kruphix, Coiling Oracle, and Mystic Snake. That may be the reason Prime Speaker was on your suggested list. Mine had Lu Xun and Beast Within. Do you think that may be why some Vorel cards slipped in to yours and some Edric cards slipped into mine?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Perhaps. I tweeted with the guy behind EDHrec last night, and he had some ideas as well. Apparently, the Unique Cards section might be a little broken.

      That said, I think Beast Within is good enough to go into pretty much any Gx EDH deck 🙂

      twitter convo


  2. crazyaboutmtg

     /  October 9, 2015

    Makes sense.



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