[C15] Spoiler-less

city of shakarI just spent the better part of an hour scouring the Rumour Mill on MTGsalvation, trying to find at least a single post that didn’t contain baseless speculation and/or horribly designed cards that will never get printed. I failed. For the last five pages of the thread (I won’t even link it, because MTGS is shit), here’s what’s the hot topic of the day is:

  • How there’s no spoilers.
  • How BG should be an Infect deck.
  • How Commander is not a competitive format.

All three points obviously unimportant topics of discussion. MTGS is literally the cess-pool of the MTG community online. 47 pages of discussion about two (2) spoiled cards – the rest complete garbage.

Yes, I’m bitter – but mostly at WotC not spoiling anything until next Monday.

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  1. Grim Lavamancer

     /  October 27, 2015

    This spoiler season is more of a yawn-fest than anything. There is however this lovley illustration: http://www.magicspoiler.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Commander-2015-Art-615×346.jpg

    Looks to me like Deathrite Shaman is making a return. Either that or his hot cousin will turn up.


    • The discussion below that you can’t “gender-bend” a non-legendary creature for some reason makes my brain melt. Why are people idiots?

      But yeah, the art is awesome. I’m hoping it’s not Deathrite, but the GB legend 🙂


      • Grim Lavamancer

         /  October 27, 2015

        I try not to notice such things, “stare into the abyss for long enough and the abyss begins to stare back” and all that jazz. That said I think gender-bending of classic cards are quite nice. For obvious reasons I’d like to see a female version of the Lavamancer – we’d move in together in a mountainside cottage with a pet lizard and plenty of stuff in our graveyard. That would be the dream…

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