Anafenza Update

anafenza bannerThe Battle for Zendikar release has come and gone, and it has added a slew of cardsanafenza,theforemost.full to some of my decks. One of the biggest benefactors from the new set is Anafenza, with her counter shenanigans. These are some of the more important updates and new cards:

  • I’ve fixed the manabase a bit more, and added the missing checkland (Isolated Chapel) and the missing painland (Brushland). I’ve also added the new folkland from Battle for Zendikar, Shambling Vent. To make room for these, I’ve cut the gainlands from Khans block (Scoured Barrens et al). The deck, as a result, has one fewer lands that come into play tapped, which is always nice. I haven’t decided if I want to shell out for Savannah and the fetch lands I don’t have, that remains to be seen.
  • New card: Drana, Liberator of Malakir. As I’ve said before, I pDrana2remiere cards that generate counters by themselves in the deck and Drana does that, while generating counters for the entire team. Two things are important to note regarding the card – she will deal her damage before any non-first striker, meaning they will get the counters in the first strike damage step, before they swing. Second, she puts counters on my attacking creatures independent on which player or planeswalker they’re attacking. Too bad she does not have the same template as Anafenza herself, meaning a Gyre Sage tapped for mana won’t get a counter.
  • New card: Undergrowth Champion. Generating counters by himself indeed, and making good use of them – both on attack and defense. A low-cost drop that is relevant both early and late in the game – pretty great.
  • New card: Oran-Rief Hydra. Another creature that easily generate its own counters, oran-riefhydraand even though the deck only has six forests, the double boost is sometimes relevant. This guy is one of the cards which actually makes me want to shell out for a Savannah. It also has built in evasion in trample, meaning that even if I only get a single counter on it through one Landfall trigger, a 6/6 Trample for 6 is on curve. Further, it synergises with the Ravnica Karoos meaning they are less-than-dead draws later on. The same is true for Undergrowth Champion above, of course.
  • New card: Ob Nixilis Reignited. I love Planeswalkers, and I love Phyrexian Arena. The new Ob Nixililis is a Planeswalker who is also a Phyrexian Arena with further upside. The -3 is expensive, but will kill any creature that any other black source could, and I like my spotremoval to be non-specific in EDH. Extra card-draw is also nothing to be sad about ever, especially not in EDH.

The entire list can be found here, on TappedOut: Anafenza, Fun with Counters.

My future acquisition for the deck is clearly Scavenging Ooze. It has all the quailities I’m looking for in a creature, and it powers up my Living Death. I’m also pondering Withered Wretch for the same reason, and for some graveyard hate that can be tutored with Survival of the Fittest.

The deck is really coming together, and might be the best out of my current EDH decks. It is certainly a front-runner for most favourite deck to play, I’m really liking the Abzan colours in EDH – though it should come as no surprise. The two most important things in EDH are card-draw and ramp – and while blue may do card draw best out of all, black is no slouch. White is further probably the best support colour in the format, with the important wraths.

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