[C15] Commander Beacon and Meren prediction

city of shakarI was off to bed, but I caught this on mythicspoiler and it interested me enough to write a quick post:

commandbeaconCommand Beacon is not the new Command Tower for sure, but it will definitely be handy for most any EDH deck. The opportunity cost of adding a colourless land to your deck is low, and the second ability might be very useful in a long and grindy game – I think we can all remember one of those games where our commanders costed fifteen mana by the end. The flavour text also Riku of Two Reflections, from the very first Commander product released in 2011. I think that’s neat.

C15-Spoiler-Coming-SoonI also want to make a prediction about the young lady above. According to the Commander 2015 product page, her name is Meren of Clan Nel Toth and she is the experience counter commander from the BG deck (called it), which is known as Plunder the Graves. Apparently, even though she does bear some resemblence to Deathrite Shaman, she is not from Ravnica, she is from Jund. This also explains the huge dragon she is reanimating in the art.

In any case, hers is the only card we’ve yet to see from the “main” commanders of this year’s product – and I think I’ve figured out why. I think she will be the main focus of tomorrow’s Uncharted Realms story and her card will be revealed in that article.

Calling it now.

See y’all tomorrow for some black-green goodness!

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