Eight Magic podcasts I listen to (and so should you)

contributor bannerI commute in my daily life. To pass time, I listen to podcasts, mostly. Many of the podcasts I listen to are Magic related, and I thought I’d share a few of them here, for your listening pleasure. I will link to each of the podcasts’ RSS feeds, but I’d recommend you find each podcast in your most suitable app.

Drive to Work – Mark Rosewater’s excellent podcast touches upon game design in general about as much as Magic in general, but it is a great listen for anyone who likes a behind-the-scenes look on Magic’s design. Especially the episodes about each set design and also the historic retrospectives on early Pro Tours are great listens.

Limited Resources – Marshall Sutcliff and (currently) Luis Scott-Vargas currently hosts an excellent limited podcast. Lots of lessons for limited players especially, but also general game play, and it certainly contains sweetness for anyone who plays competitive Magic, not just limited grinders.

Magic: the Amateuring – A podcast that aims to introduce beginners or returning players to the game, but suits everyone who has an interest in Magic in general. Meghan and Maria covers recent topics and all formats, and does so while being thoroughly entertaining.

TapTapConcede – Hosted by Graham Stark and friends, famous from the excellent Magic YouTube series Friday Nights, TapTapConcede is a fun podcast more geared towards entertainment than learning, compared to podcasts such as Limited Resources above. Not that that’s a bad thing in any way. I wholeheartedly recommend you jump on the band wagon with this podcast as soon as possible, it’s always a good listen, and it seems older episodes are being removed from their RSS feed, meaning now is the best time to start listening!

The Command Zone Commander’s Brew, Commanderin’, The Five Commanders – EDH nuts rejoice, beacuse all of these are great podcasts. They all do their shows a bit differently, but each is focused on the best multiplayer format in Magic and everyone does it really well. What I also like about all of these podcasts is that they have hosts who are dedicated to their fanbases and communities, and are good at answering e-mails, tweets etc. Fun for the whole family (or just you, depending on how much your family plays EDH).

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  1. Grim Lavamancer

     /  November 12, 2015

    I only listen to Drive to Work at the moment, but I’ll most likely check some of the other’s out next time I’m bored.



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