First draft of Meren brew

meren bannerCommander 2015 dropped yesterday and our decks arrived in time. We all gathered in the basement location of our LGC and cracked into the decks. After playing a round of just pre-cons, I decided to re-make Meren into the deck I’ve been drafting since she got spoiled. The results are in, although I’m still missing many cards from an “optimal” build.

A link to the deck: Meren 1.0 on

I tested the deck for a couple of games, both Kingdoms and Free-For-All and it is a lot of fun. I will be going into the details in a later post, however, together with an analysis of the games in question. She is, however, more resilient to graveyard hate than some might imagine, and she is every bit as fun as I expected. She racks up those experience counters very quickly!

Take care out there, and keep on reanimating things!

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