Lazav is looking sneakier

Lazav bannerParts of the gang gathered for EDH last night at my place, and I had to leave a short summary of my thoughts around the decks that I played – Meren and Lazav. I split the games almost equally among the two combatants, and since we were only three we got a fair few games in during the evening. Meren was the only one who won me a game, and even then it was just because I stole Zurgo with Helm of Possession.


“Flesh!” (ah ah), “Savior of the universe!”

The highlight of the evening was getting to play vs. the new Ezuri. As expected, he racks up quite a bit of experience quite quickly, and since the counters stay on creatures, it can get really scary. Invisible Stalker hit me down to 9 before Meren could deal with it through Fleshbag Marauder.

Overall, I’d say that Ezuri definitely has the potential to helm a deck full of weenies and be a big threat around the table – but whether or not he is a better U/G general than Edric remains to be seen. My initial thought was “Hell no” and I haven’t changed my opinion on that yet. If, however, someone kills me enough times with an Ezuri infect deck, I might change my opinion.

Another fun story I recall from last night was when Lazav almost (!) won a game – among other things, he got a +16/+0 boost from Trepanation Blade at one point. However, he didn’t get through Merieke’s defense of Mother of Runes + Aphetto Alchemist + Merieke herself before Karn hit ultimate level with, among other things, my Consecrated Sphinx and my Jace, Memory Adept exiled with it. I scooped in disgust of the actiavtion, obviously, but it was a cool game and an unusual end to it nonetheless.

Almost winning is about as good as winning in EDH, so long as the game is fun enough, so I will count that as a green check mark for Lazav for now.

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  1. psykopatmullvad

     /  November 26, 2015

    I think all games were fun, and kind of equal 😀
    Felt wierd winning, almost, with a ultimate Karn 😀
    Looking forward to the next time!



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