More Meren choices

meren bannerComing home from a weekend of a really long meeting, and some EDH, I took to making some important changes in my Meren deck, after pondering over some of my choices, and using the long drive to discuss them with Grim Lavamancer. Link to the deck: Meren 1.0 on

One change was quite obvious:

OUT: Mycoloth.

IN: Dimir House Guard.dimirhouseguard.hq

This was an easy swap. Mycoloth has been in my hand multiple times since the first time I put the deck together, and I’ve cast him maybe twice. I’ve never been happy with it and recently, over the past couple of weeks, I’ve never wanted to cast it. This is in games with 2-4 opponents, of various strategies, and Mycoloth never seems good. It’s a one-time sacrifice outlet, and then a very slow token producer.

Dimir House Guard, on the other hand, is a great utility creature which I really liked when I played Korlash. This was before the tuck rule change, meaning the CMC of Dimir House Guard was really important. In this deck, it isn’t as important, but it is a free, repeatable sacrifice outlet with lots of utility and the Transmute can be used to find such all-stars as Grave Pact. He’s in on trial, but I expect him to do well.


OUT: Culling Dais.

IN: Living Death.

Culling Dais is in the same league as Mycoloth, but slightly better. It’s repeatable, but I’ve never even once wanted to cast it. It hasn’t really had a chance to prove itself, but right now, I’m not hurting for sacrifice outlets, so it’s out.

Living Death is one of the cards I’ve been missing and wanting to add, but not having a clear idea what to cut. In this case, it does screw with the curve, but I hope it’ll be fine. It adds a late-game-oumph to the deck that it’s missing right now – Meren is great at grinding, but it needs a way to close games as well.


Right now I’m pondering between these three: Fecundity, Deathreap Ritual, and Phyrexian Arena. All three are great cards, the two former are already in the deck, but I’m thinking the latter will probably be good too – but I’m not sure what to cut for it, or if it’s even needed. Running a black deck without a potential Phyrexian Arena is strange, but in Meren, Fecundity and Deathreap Ritual both feel better.

What do you think? What should I cut, if anything? Leave a comment!

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  1. Grim Lavamancer

     /  December 7, 2015

    I’m still recovering from the weekend. It was exhausting, but in a fun way.

    Dimir Houseguard is going to preform very well, I think. As you wrote it’s got a lot of utility built in to it. Living Death is pretty much a no brainer and an excellent way to finish a game that’s been running a bit long.

    I agree that Fecundity is better in this deck than Phyrexian Arena. That said, the arena certainly wouldn’t hurt, but I’m not sure what I’d remove from it. Personally I’m not a huge fan of tutors (the way they stall the game, not their undeniable power) so I’d probably switch one of those for an additional card each turn – but again, that is an aesthetic choice, not necessarily a good one.

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    • True, but the deck doesn’t run that many tutors. There are the big two, Vampiric and Demonic, and there’s Survival of the FIttest, but other than those three the tutors are basically land tutors or tutors for very specific things. I’m not looking to break the 30-second “rule” any time soon 😉

      I completely agree that Fecundity is better in the deck, it is one of the big bombs in there. I also think that Deathreap Ritual’s effect is better, but it does cost a mana more than Arena. I believe some testing is needed.



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