[OGW] The new age of colourless

oath bannerThis little thing popped up on Mythicspoiler today:

mysticgateIt’s the expedition version of Mystic Gate and it notably contains the “Wastes” mana symbol instead of the colourless “1” in the original Shadowmoor printing. This indicates that colourless mana is the same as Wastes mana (assuming the above is not a fake).

This leads me to believe that the new Kozilek, for example, has to be cast with specifically colourless mana. For example, if you tap kozilekthegreatdistortionten Plains, you can not pay for Kozilek, but you can pay for Kozilek by tapping eight Plains and a Sol Ring. It does look a bit strange, though, and the question remains – will all future printings of all cards that produce colourless mana be printed with the “Wastes” symbol instead?

Only time will tell, but I for one hope not. I’m hoping they stick to the regular numbered symbols for clarity, and that the “Wastes” symbol is a thing unique to this block.

What are your theories? Leave a comment!

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  1. Grim Lavamancer

     /  December 7, 2015

    I hope that it’s just an Oath of the Gatewatch thing. It would look a bit weird with a Thran Dynamo that taps for , though I suppose one could get used to it. I do however appreciate that Wasteland now makes waste mana, would have been a bit weird otherwise.

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