Meren’s movin’ on up!

meren bannerMeren has been a continuous pet project of mine since the release of Commander 2015, and according to, I’m not being very hipster – she is the most popular general this week and this month, followed in the latter by other all-stars of C15, i.e. Ezuri, Karlov and Mizzix. I think the popularity of these generals will fade over time, but for now I’m still with my head in the clouds, building Meren.

A link, to the latest version of the deck: Meren’s Great Sacrifice, on


merenofclanneltothMy impression on Meren overall has been very positive. I think she separates herself enough from Karador out of two reasons – she costs way less to cast, and her effect is free. In the case of Karador, understandably one of the most powerful and popular commanders of all time, he doesn’t get to just get something back to the hand if  he doesn’t meet the criteria (i.e. the casting cost of a creature) – and Meren does. Also for free.

The fact that it happens every one of your turns without having to pay a single mana beyond her own casting cost is awesome, since tapping out to cast spells as well as getting something back from the graveyard is an avenue Karador can’t go down.

Even graveyard hate isn’t that bad, since Meren still sticks around with the experience counter, you can always get something else in the graveyard during the next turn and get it back instantly. Repeatable graveyard hate sucks, or graveyard hosers that stick around (Ground Seal comes to mind), but the deck has enough answers that it doesn’t just roll over and die, as should any competent Meren list.


It’s christmas soon, and I for one will be spending as much time as possible forcing my loved ones and my friends to sacrifice their creatures.

What commander from C15 has impressed you the most? Leave a comment!

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  1. Grim Lavamancer

     /  December 25, 2015

    I think they really hit the head on the nail with the new commanders. The experience counters (which I might add I thought looked very bland on paper) are simply really fun to play with. I love the idea that you get better and better at doing the decks thing as the game progresses.

    That said, I like (surprise, surprise) Mizzix the most. Playing Epic Experiment for 13 is probably the most fun I’ve had in a magic game this year.

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    • Obviously, Meren is better than Mizzix, but I guess I’m biased. The experience coutner mechanic worked a lot better than I initially expected, and it plays very nicely!



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