Christmas Commanding with the Crew from Commanderin’!

meren bannerOver the holidays I’ve had the pleasure to play a couple of games with two thirds of the Commanderin’ podcast, over Skype and Cockatrice. We tried to play a couple of games the day before yesterday, but I had to leave in the middle of the first one due to real-life things, and Sean “Copain26” Whatson’s connection buggered out in the second one.

Yesterday, however, we played a couple of games and I had the best of times with Sean and friend-of-the-show Nick. Nick was playing Omnath, Locus of Rage, and Sean was playing his fabled Lazav, Dimir Mastermind deck, and I was playing Meren of Clan Nel Toth (link to decklist).

dimirdoppelganger.hqI drew a pretty slow opener, and especially Nick was very quick out of the gates. Lazav cast a turn three Dimir Doppelganger, which threw a wrench in my machinery, which was moving along very slowly (my opener had only lands that come into play tapped, for example).

Nick, not to be outdone, cast Sol Ring into Silverglade Elemental, and soon thereafter the general himself, and he wasn’t slow to start getting a bunch of 5/5’s into play.

Meanwhile, Sean cast Traumatize into Jace, Memory Adept, starting to seriously mill Nick out. On his last turn, Nick swung with everything at Sean, and I was really far behind on board vs. both of them, but I still sacrificed Spore Frog. My hope was that Sean would use the time to mill out Nick completely, leaving him vs. me heads-up. And he did. In fact, in the following turn, Sean cast Tunnel Vision targeting Nick namin Cultivate, which we hadn’t seen yet, hoping to hit at least 12 of the remaining 22 cards in Nick’s deck, in order to finish him off with Jace. Cultivate was the bottom card. For real.

I had used the spare time to build up some mana, though the board looked grim. Sean had a Consecrated Sphinx, an Evil Twin acting as a Consecrated Sphinx, and five copies of Consecrated Sphinx from Rite of Replication. He also had Lazav acting as Vigor.

After he drew fourteen cards in my draw step, I activated Phyrexian Reclamation, for Eternal Witness, for Damnation, wiping the board. I then re-cast my commander and got Eternal Witness back and throug her Buried Alive. I didn’t get to cast it, however, since on his last turn, Sean cast Mesmeric Orb, Consuming Aberration and Windfall, leaving me with frighteningly few cards in my library and a huge graveyard. livingdeath.hq

However, I had lucked out on the draw from Windfall, so I untapped and milled to like 20 cards in the library, cast Fleshbag Marauder, forcing him to sacrifice the only creature he had, attacked for five with my creatures and then Living Death, bringing back Gary and his whole crew for the rest of Sean’s life total.

A lucky end to a game where I was a step behind the entire time, and Sean was of course just a turn away from getting rid of the last 20-ish cards in my library. Very exciting, it always amazes me how many games of EDH actually comes down to the last turn.

I recommend anyone who plays on Cockatrice to add commanderin.mtg.podcast on Skype and get in on the fun! Skype and Cockatrice works quite well together, and the added layer of communication is important in such a complex format.

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