Secret Santa 2015!

zedruu bannerEach year, a member of the Swedish Magic community SvenskaMagic organises a Secret Santa among the members. It works just as expected, you put your name on the list, you are randomly assigned a person to send a package to, and you will recieve one from a member who has randomly been assigned your name.

There is a minimum limit of about €10 for the package, I sent a package worth a fair bit more than that, since I have a pretty big collection and I like giving away things. However, I didn’t recieve a package in return at all. After a few e-mails back and forth with the member in charge of the project, it was clear that the letter intended for me had gone missing in the mail. Bummer.

Late last week, however, I was contacted directly by my secret santa, on Facebook. Apparently, the letter hadn’t gone missing in the mail, he had accidentally left it in his bag. How lucky! He sent it on Friday, I think, and it arrived today, and it was well worth the wait:

letter2The back of the letter. I just hope the text doesn’t mean I shouldn’t’ve opened it till Christmas of 2016. Jokes aside, this is what I opened:

sheoldred2The first card that shows up when I opened the letter. Mind blown. So much awesome. Sheoldred is one of those cards that my Meren deck would love, but a card I’ve always found too expensive. Thanks a lot, Santa! And the rest of the gifts were very, very impressive:
the restYou can’t tell from that picture, but the Felidar Sovereign is foil! Kokusho is another card I’ve needed for a long time, as are the rest, especially the Chromatic Lantern and the Clifftop Retreat. Now I just have to make lots and lots of cuts to all my EDH decks! I think I will play the Council’s Judgment in EDH as well, I like the political implications of Will of the Council in this case.

And last, but definitely not least, Mother Christmas herself:

the alterAbsolutely brilliant. The change to the flavour text is the cherry on top of the cake.

Many great thanks, Secret Santa, I’m humbled by the gift!

Now I’m going to re-build Zedruu in order to keep the chain of giving going, and I’m also going to try and do even better at this year’s Secret Santa!

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  1. psykopatmullvad

     /  January 6, 2016

    Im already longing for the next Secret Santa project! It is such a nice thing to do!



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