An unjust victory

zegana bannerAs I’ve stated previously before, on this blog, I’ve spent quite some time online, playing EDH against the blokes from the Commanderin’ podcast, and I’ve had great fun. Cockatrice and Skype together works really well, and some of the games have been extremely exciting.

A couple of nights ago, I was testing a new build that I’m putting together in paper, Prime Speaker Zegana (link to decklist: click!). Opposing me this night was friend-of-the-show Nick playing a Bant Superfriends deck, and Sean “Copain26” Whatson playing a brand new Eldrazi deck featuring the new Kozilek as the general. More OGW-goodness! On paper, our decks were actually quite similar, we both wanted to ramp a lot, cast our generals to get back some cards, and then win through big creatures. oblivionsower

Sean was ahead all game, and it didn’t help that I, foolishly, delved away a bunch of lands, even though I had bounced an Oblivion Sower just a turn or two before, meaning he got a whole bunch of lands from recasting it.

In the end, however, I won a game I had no business winning by casting a kicked Rite of Replication targeting Sean’s Pathrazer of Ulamog, and I did this at the end of Sean’s turn, through Alchemist’s Refuge. Untapping with five 9/9 Annhiliator 3 creatures that are very difficult to block allowed me to win on the spot.

Fair? Not really. EDH-y? Yeah, very.

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