The Great Teacher, part 1

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Since my friend who you know as your friendly neighbourhood Grim Lavamancer, who also happens to draw our local webcomic, is knee-deep in a new Dragonlord Atarka deck, I decided to follow suit and design a new EDH deck to compete i proper Elder Dragon Highlander. I decided to focus on Dragonlord Ojutai, for a few reasons:

  1. I haven’t played Azorius in ages, and blue-white is my favourite colour combination in Magic.dragonlordojutai.full
  2. Like myself, Ojutai is a teacher, and that appeals to me.
  3. I wanted to do something a bit more focused on a theme.

All of these together led me to design a deck around Ojutai as a teacher, and the primary focus being cards that has to do with teaching. Luckily, blue is all about knowledge and learning, so the theme was in fact quite easy to do once I got started. Today, I want to go over the students that will be taught by our Great Teacher in the sky, as well as the staff that might have held high positions in their old institutions, but now are relegated to mere learners like the rest of the students.

Barrin, Master Wizard – In the lore, Barrin is the headmaster of the Tolarian Academy. Since his school is these days in ruins, he has been relegated to head bookkeeper in the library. He is yet to be joined by his wife, since I’ve yet to procure a paper version of her card, but she might join Ojutai’s school in the future. Gameplay-wise, Barrin is a bit underwhelming, but can certainly be useful against several Voltron commanders, creatures with counters (hello, Animar!) and the like.

jace,themindsculptor.hqJace, the Mind Sculptor – Jace’s origin story, as detailed in Magic Origins, retells how Jace was tutored from a young age under the Sphix Alhammarret (whose name I can’t seem to be able to spell to save my life). They had a falling out in the end, when Jace discovered Alhammarret had erased parts of his memory in order to conceal the Mind Sculptor’s abilities from himself. They battled, harsh words were certainly tossed around, and Jace planeswalked away with a damage mind, after having destroyed the mental prowess of his former mentor. In the official story, Jace ends up on Ravnica, but I don’t see why he wouldn’t take a de-tour to Tarkir and find himself learning under The Great Teacher himself.

As far as his prowess goes on the table, Jace is somewhat of a rattle snake – people tend to attack him just for the heck of it, because they are genuinely scared of the card-advantage it bestows upon the controller. This is very fair, since Jace is arguably the best planeswalker ever printed. He belongs in a control strategy, especially one that can protect him well.

ertai,wizardadept.fullErtai, Wizard Adept – Ertai was a student at the Tolarian Academy, and he is the archetypical countermagic-wiedling blue mage. He is arrogant, on the brink of foolish, and often thinks he is way funnier than he actually is. After joining the Weatherlight crew, he travelled to Rath, where he was unfortunately left behind by the rest of the crew due to an emergency, corrupted and killed by accident by Squee. Very tragic. In this case, however, he is a cocky student learning from The Great Teacher, like the rest of the class. Gameplay-wise, he’s pretty bad, but he is a reusable counterspell and can probably function like a rattlesnake like Jace, though to a lesser extent. I imagine he will be soaking up a spot-removal or two in his days. The original wording of the card also invites a lecture on the history of Instants and Interrupts!

Teferi, Temporal Archmage – Another powerful student of the Tolarian Academy, Teferi plays a major role in large parts of the Magic storyline, which eventually ends with him giving up his spark at the end of the Time Spiral block. This card represents him at the peak of his power, and I find him a lot more engaging than the creature counterpart. Though his ultimate is very expensive and unlikely to be used, the other two abilities are both very useful. He’s expensive, but worth it!

Academy Elite – A group of staff from the academy in Paliano on the plane of Fiora, how could they not qualify into The Great Teacher’s class? Though obviously much less learned than The Great Teacher, these classmates can band together to create a powerful creature, and also use their own counters to fuel more card-draw. The mana cost isn’t very cheap, but it’s very non-restrictive, and considering the size could be outright enormous depending on the opposition, I’d say they’re worth it.

narsettranscendent.fullNarset Transcendent – In the lore, Narset is expelled from Clan Ojutai in the Dragons version of the Tarkir storyline, but that doesn’t stop me from including her. She is actually the only one, aside The Great Teacher himself, to know what actually happened to the Jeskai in Tarkir’s past, and her story is quite engaging. In the Khans version of the storyline she ends up dead, like most of her current fellow classmates, and I guess exile is better than death. No doubt she is a brilliant student though, so she belongs in the deck. Her abilities are pretty damn good too, all three are relevant, and her loyalty score is really high considering her relatively cheap mana cost.

That’s as far as we’ll go this time, class dismissed! If there are any other students you, dear reader, think would qualify into The Great Teacher’s Academy of Spellcasting, Learning and Plotting, feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments section below!



Top 5: Commanders in Shadows

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The full set has been released, and it is high time we take a look at our coming post-Shadows over Innistrad world. Today, I want to begin by looking at the most important part for us EDH players – new available commanders!

Mark Rosewater has stated, on both his blog and on his podcast, that not all Legandary Creatures are designed with EDH in mind and even if that’s just natural, it strikes me as odd. In the “main” game, in the sanctioned formats of Standard, Legacy et al, having the supertype Legendary is nothing but a drawback. As such, every time the supertype is used, it has to be for either balance purposes, for EDH, for flavour reasons, or some mix of all of them. It has virtually no other purpose!

As such, being eligible for commanding a 100-card deck is a big deal, and this is my ranking of the new commanders, from worst-to-best.


avacyn15. Archangel Avacyn / Avacyn the Purifier.
There’s nothing inherently wrong with Archangel Avacyn. She’s got a decently sized P/T-to-CMC rating, she has Flash, Flying and Vigilance – all useful abilities, and she has a neat enters-the-battlefield trigger that might turn an otherwise disastrous combat step into a winning situation. Her mini-wrath when transforming could also be handy, if the trigger condition can be met, though it won’t spare your own creatures.

My issue with Avacyn is that while she does bring some new stuff to the Boros table, her most useful ability – the Flash-based surprise-Indestructible effect – is telegraphed a mile away if she’s in the command zone. That, and Boros generally isn’t awesome in EDH, which is why she takes the jumbo position. The field is tough though, Avacyn is still pretty boss.

sigarda,heronsgrace.full4. Sigarda, Heron’s Grace.
Out of the Power Puff Girls trio of Sigarda, Gisela, and Bruna, Sigarda is the only one to not go crazy and turn evil. When the new Sigarda was spoiled, I was hoping for evil variants of the other two, but no luck this time. Maybe in the next set. The story also hints at a fourth sister in the trio, supposedly the black-aligned one, which is also supposedly long dead, but I suspect we get to see all of them in the next set.

Meanwhile, Sigarda is, like Avacyn, not bad, but she is a bit underwhelming. The static ability of teamwide hexproof is very nice, and the exiling of a card to make a token is also neat, but it can only grav stuff from your own graveyard. Sigarda’s downfall is that she doesn’t really bring anything that new to the table, Selesnya is full of token-based commanders. As such, she takes the fourth place.

3. Olivia, Mobilized for War.olivia,mobilizedforwar.full
At the half-way mark, we find the new Olivia. She’s aggressively costed for a 3/3 flyer, and her ability is pretty darn neat in a vampire tribal deck. However, the question is – is she better than the old version of her? As a build-around, I’d say yes. Having a haste outlet is pretty neat for a commander, and black has all the right tools to combat the card disadvantage, either through straight card-draw, reanimation, or other shenanigans.

She gets a passing grade, though her artworks is pretty damn dull.

odric,lunarchmarshal.full2. Odric, Lunarch Marshal
On the runner-up spot we have yet another new version of a known character (notice how that’s true for all of our entries so far?), Odric, Lunarch Marshal. The previous version of Odric is pretty cool in a token spamming deck, and can even make it as a commander. His new version brings a completely other strategy to the table, which is very neat. While the old Odric might be perceived as linear, the new can do lots of things depending on his team mates and how the deck around him is constructed. Nate, from Commanderin’, is working on a list around Odric, but I have yet to play it, so I can’t say if he’s good or not. The fact that Nate speaks highly of him is usually proof enough for me.

Odric’s only downfall is that he is mono-white, which means he might struggle to recover from a board-wipe, since he won’t have the power of card-draw in blue, black, or even green around him.

1. The Gitrog Monster.thegitrogmonster.full
Of course, Magic’s first legendary frog creature, and the only one of these new legendary creatures that’s an actual new character, has to take the number one spot. Golgari is spoiled for choices when it comes to cool commanders, and The Gitrog Monster is another entry in the long line of unique Golgari-coloured legendary creatures.

I don’t want to get into too much detail, since I’m in the process of brewing a deck around him, but The Gitrog Monster is by far my favourite out of these five. Look forward to a long post about him in the near future!


What’s your take on my list? Am I right? Am I way off? Leave a comment!

MTGO on Video: Momir Basic

moment with pm

Today we are diving into one of my favourite formats of all time, Momir Basic, on MTGO.

A really fun casual, sort of random Magic variant.

I’m not gonna go into any more details, but if you want to read up on the format, this is a good link to a document about it on Starcitygames.


So here comes the videos 😀


Just click here to be taken to the playlist on Youtube. Yes there is more than one video this time!


Also testing some new things again. Using a webcam and some music for the background. The music might be too low tho, but the video is still cool! ;D


Let me know what you think!


Over and Out!

Fixing Boros in EDH

city of shakar

While elaborating on why I thought Kalemne was the worst of the C15 Commanders, reader crazyaboutmtg asked if I had any ideas on how to fix Boros in EDH, since I attributed parts of Kalemne’s failings to her colour identity. Maybe I’m being harsh, I don’t actually think Kalemne is bad, she’s just the least effective of the C15 box commanders, from what I’ve seen. However, she can get scary quickly enough, and with trample or some other form of evasion, it gets downright terrifying. crazyaboutmtg has a WP-blog too, by the way, you should check it out here.

boroscluestone.hqBoros in EDH has two main issues, the way I see it, and I’m not alone in this. Two of the most important parts of making a successful EDH deck is card-draw and ramp. Neither white nor red do any of these things very well, unfortunately. EDH is a wide format, and there are ways to fix the ramp without rampy colours through things like mana rocks, but it takes only one overloaded Vandalblast in order to be set back to the stone age. Card-draw too can be fixed either via artifacts, or via red’s infamous “Wheel” effects – but the latter are symmetrical which might not be beneficial for you, and the former are less reliable and way less effective than the stuff that blue and black gets, and it’s even a step behind green’s, even though green tends to center it’s card-draw around it’s creatures.

hallowedburial.hqSo what does either colour bring to the table in EDH? Well, one is arguably the single best support colour available, the other is arguably the worst colour in EDH. White has all the mass removal in the world, it has answers to most every problematic permanent in the game, and it has a few really solid threats.

Red, on the other hand, tends to not adapt very well to multiplayer Magic. In regular two-player matches, red has historically been about aggression – getting your opponent from 20 to 0 in as few turns as possible. This doesn’t translate well into multiplayer, and especially not in a multiplayer format where the players have 40 life over 20. With that in mind, we need to focus on red’s other strengths – hate.

Blood Moon, Stranglehold, Price of Glory, Ruination, Vandalblast,priceofglory.full and Citadel of Pain are all pretty neat, sometimes underplayed, red hate cards. It’s a shame Blood Moon has spiked becuase of Modern, because it is sorely needed in the format.

In white, I think both the matter of mana and card draw can be fixed through a higher number of cards with effects like Arbiter of Knollridge. It’s still not as powerful as the counterparts in green, blue or black respectively, but it gives white decks a fighting chance.

Red decks needs to have more symmetrical hate-effects, like the ones listed above. If these are more widely available and applicable, the colour could itself be more recognized as a symmetrical control colour, still diverse enough from blue, but with more things to do in the format.

What do you think of these fixes? Would it help boros in the format? Leave a comment below!

Deck spotlight: Marunga’s Kozilek 2

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In every meta there has to be an apex predator, and currently in my meta, I’m sad to say it’s not one of my own creations. It is clearly my friend’s Kozilek, the Great Distortion deck, and boy is it scary!

Because he’s been kicking the ass of most decks in the meta, I wanted to feature it on here. A link to the list: Marungas’ Kozilek deck (link to

What does the deck do? How does it win?kozilekthegreatdistortion
The deck works very well with a, mana only, starting hand. Ex. Ancient Tomb, Sol Ring, Thran Dynamo, Eldrazi Temple and some Wastes. Once you cast your commander you will refill your entire hand and have a threat on the board, ten or more mana and the ability to counter almost half of the spells your opponent will use to remove Kozilek.
The deck usually wins through commander damage but if that fails, there are a lot of heavy hitters in the deck that can take his place. The key is simply to cast Kozilek at least once.
The worst possible scenario is when you emptied your entire hand, and waiting to untap, and tap for ten, only to see an overloaded Vandalblast. Being thrown back on four or mayby five mana with one card in hand and no cheap card advantage is devastating for a deck like this.
If you ever played with Kozilek, Butcher of Truth as your commander, this deck will work quite the same. Play mana-stones -> play Kozilek, refill and repeat. Once the deck starts running like this it’s simply overwhelming for a single opponent and you will most likley win unless the entire table turns against you.

What made you build this deck?
I bought Kozilek, the Great Distortion just to have it in my card-pool but since I have played a Karn-deck before I had almost all the cards needed to build a colourless Kozilek-deck. And just by looking at it I realized he does two things colourless decks usually struggle with, card advantage and contolling the stack.

Did you consider any other commander in the available (lack of) colours?
Maybe Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger but even if “exile two permanents” and Indestructible are strong abilities, he will be the only thing you got left once he hits the board. You might have exiled two threats or some realy annoying permanent but you probably won’t have any cards left in hand and he will die to a Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile leaving you with nothing left.
Kozilek can be played more aggressive and he won’t leave you empty-handed ( <-nice ) after his departure.

solring.fullWhat are the best cards in the deck?
Sol Ring, “Sol”-lands, Thran Dynamo, Thought Vessel and Urza’s Incubator. Realy, any cards that help you kast Kozilek as soon as possible.
For the longer games, cards like, Ugin, the Spirit Dragon and All is Dust are realy strong, both defensive and aggressive since they are one-sided wrath-effects that ignores indestructible.
Staff of Nin, Conduit of Ruin and Endbringer will help you get back on your feet after after a Vandalblast or Austere Command resolves.
For the deck’s own threats, Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger, Oblivion Sower, Wurmcoil Engine and Artisan of Kozilek really puts you in a good position but none are as devastating for an opponent as Kozilek himself.

Any changes you’re looking to make?predator,flagship.hq
Loxodon Warhammer and Darksteel Plate will probably be leaving this deck quite soon. Very few of my creature needs those equippment to be threatening and can simply be replaced by threats themself or more mana-stones.
Predator, Flagship looks good since you can produce a loot of mana but I have not played it once. When I get that amount of mana Kozilek is always a better option.
Gruesome Slaughter looked good on paper but doesn’t perform as promised.
A lot of you might wonder where the “old” eldrazis are (Kozilek, Butcher of Truth, Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre)? Bribery and Act of Treason still has a strong precence in our meta and the Annihilator-ability simply is to much for the deck to handle since it realy needs all the mana-producing permanents to stay on the battlefield. Homeward Path is the only thing in the deck that can get them back and my wraths (Ugin and All is Dust) won’t take care of them.

What’s the percentage of games where you’ve drawn Eldrazi Temple before turn 4?
I’m not that good at math but since I play at least five, depending on my mood, it’s at least 50 percent chance I got one in the first 10 cards (starting hand included).


And that’s it for this time folks! Props to my friend Marunga who was kind enough to share his list and answer my questions, despite the salty one in the end (it’s true that he seems to draw that damn broken land way too often). Also props to Wizards for the Eldrazi design; I do feel like I’m fighting an unfathomable alien entity when I’m up against this list.

MTGO on Video: Pauper Infect

moment with pm

Welcome back to another video on MTGO!

This time I play Monogreen Infect deck in the Pauper format.

This video has an ending, I apologize for the last one where the ending was missing. I dont really know what happen. Somewhere along the road the ending fell off. This time I’m using another software to record it.

Here is the video:


And this is a direct link to YouTube if you so prefer.


If you want the decklist, here it is:


4 Blight Mamba
4 Glistener Elf
4 Ichorclaw Myr
4 Llanowar Augur
2 Rot Wolf
4 Groundswell
4 Rancor
4 Vines of Vastwood
3 Predator’s Strike
2 Apostle’s Blessing
17 Forest
4 Mutagenic Growth
4 Seal of Strength



2 Nature’s Claim
3 Hornet Sting
3 Fog
1 Ezuri’s Archers
2 Ranger’s Guile
4 Sandstorm


I really like the infect deck in this format, it’s fast, easy and cheap. And since I don’t play infect in any other formats this is a great way to get your Infect fix! 😀

If you want to read up on the deck, Here is a primer i used to read every now and then.


Over and Out!

Commander 2015 follow-up: losers!

city of shakar

A couple of days ago, I elaborated on the first months of the new world of Commanders with experience counters, what cards tend to hold up these days, and what the break-out performances of the set were. So we know who the cool kids are, but who gets to sit alone in the cafeteria? Who is left shuffling in the dark corner of homecoming? Keep reading to find out!

The losers:daxosthereturned
Daxos the Returned is the box commander that got shafted hardest by his own people. While all the commanders on the box covers face competition from their second-in-command, save maybe Mizzix, only Daxos is actually overshadowed by Karlov, in pure numbers at least. Daxos supports an entirely different strategy than Karlov, however, meaning that one of the first cards to go if one looks to improve the Daxos preconstructed deck is likely ghost granddad himself.

Daxos’ issue isn’t that he is that bad – I’d argue he is quite good, but that he is linear like many of the other commanders, and he’s an enchantment-themed general who isn’t green, which means he misses out on many of the enchantress effects.

kalemnediscipleofiroasKalemne, Disciple of Iroas was probably the least hyped of the commanders from Commander 2015. Boros is well-known for struggling in the format, since neither of the colours do either ramp or card-draw very well, two very important aspects of EDH. That said, Kalemne hits very hard for a four-mana commander. Her problem is that decks built around her easily get schizophrenic. While Kalemne seems to support a Voltron strategy, one thing most people don’t do in Voltron is play a bunch of big creatures, a necessity to generate experience counter from her. A mixed strategy, perhaps going for a Giant tribal type deck, is probably the best way to go, but as far as Boros commanders go, Kalemne is likely not even a front runner. It’s a shame, but she is really cool, which is the most important aspect.

To Kalemne’s credit, she did what Daxos couldn’t and outpaced her second-in-command in both schizophrenia and playability (yes, really). While Kalemne is at least powerful once she hits the board, Anya is powerful when more opponents are at below half life, but will shrink again once players are eliminated. I’d rather she gets a bonus either for each eliminated opponent or under the condition that at least one opponent is eliminated – which means she’d get more powerful as the game goes along. There is some design space here that can’t be explored in normal non-multiplayer formats, and Anya is a missed opportunity.

One might be forgiven to think that Wade into Battle, the Boros deck bladeofselvesof Commander 2015, is the “worst” one of the bunch, but let’s not forget about Blade of Selves, arguably the most powerful of the new cards in the set. The ability to abuse any enters-the-battlefield-effect to such a degree is well worth the high mana cost. Mystic Confluence is up there as well, but I’d say the sword is better overall.

Despite the good things in the deck, the Boros colour pair wasn’t helped much by Commander 2015, which is a shame considering it’s in quite dire need of some assistance. Orzhov is already a pretty powerful colour pair, but wasn’t helped much by the box commander either. As such, these are the losers of the set, in my opinion.

What do you think? Leave a comment!

[SOI] I’m stoked!

soi banner

Lets’ get one thing clear right off the bat: I absolutely adored the original Innistrad block. I have a thing for romantic horror in general, I love Edgar Allan Poe (my candidate thesis was a biography on him) and the flavour of Innistrad was spot-on! As such, I am very excited that we get to return to it soon, and the spoilers are looking pretty darn sweet so far. Madness, a mechanic from Odyssey, a block I adore as well for nostalgic reasons, makes perfect sense. It’ll probably also create a great dynamic with Delirium – say you have an artifact, an instant and a sorcery in your graveyard, and you discard a creature card with Madness. Do you cast it, or do you let it go to the graveyard in order to turn on Delirium? Small things like that.

Also, this dropped today:

Archangel Avacyn

Looking at it from the obvious perspective of an EDH commander, I’d say she’s quite nice. She brings some well-needed protection even if she won’t be surprising anyone. The transformation trigger is pretty easy to satisfy, even in Boros colours, and though the trigger is delayed, she’s pretty tough to deal with, assuming you satisfy the trigger as soon as you cast it. Say you cast it in the middle of your opponent before you’s turn – your stuff is indestructible this turn, so she needs to be exiled or she will live to your upkeep at the very least. If you have an instant-speed sacrifice outlet somewhere in that turn, then you get to transform her immediately, mini-wrathing the board and swinging for 6 in the air!

That said, she doesn’t bring anything that’s really necessary in Boros – card-draw or ramp – and while her day side is vigilant her night side is only flying. She might be worse than other Boros Voltron options, actually.

Also, what really grieves me about the card is the quite blatant sexualization of her character – gone are the reasonable outfits from Khans block, and we’re back to boobage and thighs galore. What’s up with wearing high heels if you’re going to fly?!

What do you think of Avacyn? Leave a comment!

Commander 2015 follow-up: winners!

city of shakar

Commander 2015 was released in November of last year, meaning we’re a few months into a format which now features commanders with experience counters and all the other goodness. I thought I’d take a look back at the cards and see which have held up so far, and which hasn’t. Today I’ll go over the winners.

The winners:
By far, there are two proper break-out commanders from the set. The first is the one that captured my merenofclanneltothheart right from the get-go, Meren of Clan Nel-Toth. She’s been on the top of the stats at for most of the months since her release – if not all – and it’s easy to see why. Meren is stupid good, to put it frankly. Initially, I was afraid she’d be overshadowed by Karador as the go-to graveyard general, and while Karador is still making numbers on EDHrec, they’re not as good as Meren’s right now. Time will tell if she holds up and stays on top of the list, but I think she will quite soon take over as the most popular Golgari commander.

mizzixoftheizmagnusThe other break-out commander is, in my opinion, Mizzix of the Izmagnus. While she is actually not doing quite as well as say Ezuri, Claw of Progress in the raw data Mizzix differs from Ezuri in the way it plays compared to other commanders of the same colours. Ezuri took something that was already present in Simic, weenie spam, and put another spin on it. While Edric, Spymaster of Trest was already doing that well enough, Ezuri does it differently, which is great. Mizzix’s thing, casting lots of spells, was already a thing in Izzet decks like Melek, Izzet Paragon, but Mizzix does it so much better that it’s ridiculous. Mizzix is a force to be reckoned with, as anyone who has played against her can testify to, a force that seems simply unreachable for the likes of Melek.

Both of these commanders are struggling with the same thing but on different level: linearity. Meren is a graveyard-centric commander, which will be telegraphed a mile away when you reveal her. Mizzix seems to exist in two different builds right now: Storm, or cast lots of X-spells (which always generate experience counters). Both of these can be countered in the same way: kill Mizzix each time she its the board. In my local metagame, Grim_Lavamancer laments my successful #plowMizzix campaign, which has led to an elevated level of aversion towards the goblin genius.

Lastly, I have to mention Karlov of the Ghost Council. He is the only karlovoftheghostcouncil.fullone of the new “secondary” commanders that’s more popular than the box-cover one (poor Daxos). Though powerful, he’s now facing stiff competition from Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim as an Orzhov life gain general, time will tell if he stands up to the competition and actually makes for a more popular (and arguably more powerful) commander than undead Daxos. Karlov’s only flaw, one could argue, is that he is basically looking like the ghost of Eric Cartman.

These three are the proper “winners” in my opinion, i.e. they have had the most impact on the commander scene since last November. What do you think of these three? Do you have a favourite from C15 that I didn’t mention? Leave a comment!

MTG Commander on a Budget – Karlov

moment with pm

Hi and welcome to yet another MTGO Video.

This time we are doing commander, sadly on a budget since I really dont want to go all out both on paper and digital magic. I just cant afford that.

I’m playing a deck commanded by Karlov of the Ghost Council. It contains some ways to gain life like Palace Siege or some Soul Warden-like effects and also the secondary wincon Felidar Sovereign and to a degree Sanguine Bond (I don’t run the combo with Exquisite Blood, still debating if I should or not).

In the video we also get to see a bug on the live servers of MTGO. Something including a commander staple, namely Command Tower. A bug I was unaware of. You will see.

So without more rambling from me here is the video.


Or if you prefer to go over to Youtube, here  is a direct link to the video.

Thats all for me this time, pleasse leave a comment on what can be improved, your opinions on the deck or just anything really! 😀

I’m aware of a a slight desync in the audio. The software I used recorded the sound in a separate file, I will tinker with the settings till next time. Promise 😀