MTG Commander on a Budget – Karlov

moment with pm

Hi and welcome to yet another MTGO Video.

This time we are doing commander, sadly on a budget since I really dont want to go all out both on paper and digital magic. I just cant afford that.

I’m playing a deck commanded by Karlov of the Ghost Council. It contains some ways to gain life like Palace Siege or some Soul Warden-like effects and also the secondary wincon Felidar Sovereign and to a degree Sanguine Bond (I don’t run the combo with Exquisite Blood, still debating if I should or not).

In the video we also get to see a bug on the live servers of MTGO. Something including a commander staple, namely Command Tower. A bug I was unaware of. You will see.

So without more rambling from me here is the video.


Or if you prefer to go over to Youtube, here  is a direct link to the video.

Thats all for me this time, pleasse leave a comment on what can be improved, your opinions on the deck or just anything really! 😀

I’m aware of a a slight desync in the audio. The software I used recorded the sound in a separate file, I will tinker with the settings till next time. Promise 😀

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